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Advanced WindowsCare Personal is a powerful program for keeping your computer running at peak performance. Check it out.
Published: Dec 5, 2006
Author: Tucows Editorial Staff
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Advanced WindowsCare Personal

by IOBit Team

Advanced WindowsCare v2 Personal is a totally free program thatcan make your computer run faster and more efficiently. The programworks on all of the key trouble areas on your computer and fixes anyproblems it finds.

Once the program is installed you can maintain your computer withone mouse click a day. Advanced WindowsCare Personaldetects and removes both "adware" and "spyware." On top of that it alsoprotects you from security threats. It does this by utilizing aninternal database of thousands of known security threats.

Advanced WindowsCare Personal also includes a module that cleansand fixes your Windows Registry by doing an in-depth RegistryScan. It will show you exactly how many errors it finds and you canlook at the details if you like. The program also does a detailedSystem Analysis and finds and fixes errors and problems in yourWindows configuration. The Startup Scan finds all of the programsthat start with Windows and helps you to manage them.

If you're concerned about privacy Advanced WindowsCare Personalhas you covered there as well. Temporary FIles Scan eliminatesall of the files gathered while you're surfing the Internet and tell youin megabytes how much was found. At the same time the programsPrivacy Sweep function makes sure all of your surfing "tracks"are removed.

Advanced WindowsCare Personal does everything possible to removejunk, eliminate spyware, prevent dangerous programs, clean the systemRegistry, and more. It makes your computer faster, safer, and much moreefficient. It's also free! For even more power take a look atAdvanced WindowsCare Professional from the same Web site.

Advanced WindowsCare Personal is your one-click solutionto true computer maintenance and protection.

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IObit.Com, located in China, is an innovative and young company. Thecompany was founded in 2004 by two enthusiastic and smart youngprogrammers. With the great popularity of Advanced WindowsCare v1 in2005, IObit has become one of the most successful new companies on theInternet. IObit is also member of ASP, AISIP and OISV.

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