Picks: Active Desktop Calander, Clipmate, Boxer Text Editor, Black Hole Organizer, Mozilla FireFox and BitDefender Antivirus

Dr. File Finder reviews Active Desktop Calander, Clipmate, Boxer Text Editor, Black Hole Organizer, Mozilla FireFox and BitDefender Antivirus.
Published: Dec 20, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Web Cal Plus 2.6.7
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The Bat! 7.4.16
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Active Desktop Calendar is a program that lives on my desktop and keeps me up-to-date on article status. When I first looked at it I knew it was going to be the perfect tool for me.

I have the editorial calendar here on Tucows planned out nearly 3 months in advance. I enter each article into Active Desktop Calendar and assign it an icon that tells me the status. Not written, or written and posted. The display overlays the right-hand side of my desktop and I can glance at it and quickly see what needs to be done.When an article is finished I change the icon to a check mark so I'll remember that it's done. Gives me an easy way to keep on top of things.

Active Desktop Calendar also lets me put in alarms and other to-do items. The program has lots of configurable options so you can make it your own. It can also interface with Microsoft Outlook and bring in things like appointments and such right to your desktop. You can also create multiple "layers" and actually share those across a network. For me it's become one of those programs that I won't be without. Give it a try, I recommend it!

Download ActiveDesktop Calendar NOW!

ClipMate, by Thornsoft Development is a program I've used since it first came out. In writing reviews and putting in links for information and downloads, I do a lot of cutting and pasting.ClipMate is on every computer I own. I recommend it to all my friends and I recommend it to you.

ClipMate can hold hundreds of clips and you can create folders,or collections, to keep special clips in. I have clip collections for my marketing business, for Tucows, for the SIAF, and so on. I use ClipMate all day long. I grab links out of Firefox and paste then into articles or into my database. My wife and children have grown up with ClipMate and they'd be lost without it too. I even use ClipMate as an editing tool to alter clips that I've captured. The program is highly configurable and lets you manage clips exactly the way you want.This is a program I would not be without and I give it my highest recommendation. Try it!

Download ClipMate NOW!

The Boxer Text Editor is what I use to write just about everything. Every article I write for Tucows is written inBoxer. It's an excellent product and it makes it easier for me to do a good job. It helps correct spelling errors, it has an auto-complete function to speed things along, and it helps me with myHTML coding. With color syntax highlighting you always know what's going on when you're writing things in HTML, VBScript, Perl, and more.

I love the fact that the spell checker in Boxer Text Editor skips over HTML code because many other text editors don't. That means it quickly spell checks my writing and not my HTML. I can click on URL links in Boxer and the links will open in my browser, letting me know that the links are accurate. That's a powerful feature. On top of all the great editing features, the Boxer Text Editor also has a calendar, a calculator, macros, and more. Take the time to try it out for yourself. It's what I use every day!

Download Boxer Text Editor NOW!

For managing data I use Black Hole Organizer by Lincoln Beach Software. This award-winning free form database lets me keep all kinds of information just a few mouse clicks away. I have categories for things like home, business, SIAF, Tucows, and so on. I can add notes,names and addresses, phone numbers, and more. The programs editor is full-featured so you can have text that's bold, italic,and underlined. You can even highlight things that are important.I can easily create new categories, new documents, and can even move documents between categories easily.

You can have as many sub-categories as you need so you can keep your data organized. Black Hole Organizer, makes it easy to divide your data into groups that make sense to you. One of the features that I really like is the floater. The floater can sit on your desktop where it's out of the way. If I want to save something all I have to doi s right-click on the floater, select the "Create Message From Clipboard" option, select the category where I want to clip to be added,and the contents of the clip in the clipboard is added to my database.Slick. Black Hole Organizer is loaded with handy features and it's always on my desktop. Give it a try, I think you'll like it.

Download Black Hole Organizer NOW!

My Web browser is Mozilla Firefox. I've tried just about every Web browser out there, but Firefox is the one I use. It's absolutely loaded with features like saving passwords, the ability to create your own toolbars, and lots more. I guess my favorite feature is he add-ons or extensions. These give Firefox a special level of customization that's truly personal. I have extensions that give me the weather, show me the time, manage my downloads, and more.

Mozilla Firefox is fast and secure. It blocks pop-ups, lets you know when you're on a secure site, has built-in Google search, and lots more. I love version 2.0 and I've made it the default browser on all our computers. If you haven't tried Mozilla Firefox you should.

Download Mozilla Firefox NOW!

For online protection I use BitDefender Antivirus Plus 10 by BitDefender. This baby does it all including anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and more. BitDefender Antivirus Pluskeeps my data confidential, controls content, and is also a firewall. It filters Web traffic in real time so I'm protected. I love the product because it does it's job and stays out of my way. Unlike some products it does not continually pester me to interact with it.It lets me know what's going on and if a decision is required it asks me. It doesn't nag me, hound me, or tell me I need to buy more BitDefender products. I trust it and I'm online all day.Think about that.

BitDefender Antivirus Plus is powerful, thorough, and efficient.I have either this version or the lighter version called BitDefenderAntivirus on every computer I own. BitDefender is what I use and what I trust! I give it my highest recommendation and in the new year I'll review it for you. Try it!

DownloadBitDefender Antivirus Plus NOW!

These are key programs that I use constantly, but there are also many others. In this final segment I'll give you the names of products I use for specific purposes and I'm including a link so you can get more information and download them.

For doing payroll I use PayWindow 2007 Payroll System from ZPay Payroll Systems and I wouldn't use anything else. Fast, efficient,and with tax tables that you can edit. Get more info

For doing an online calendar I use Web Cal Plus from ContactPlus Corporation. I use it to create and maintain the Tucows Editorial Calendar. It quick, easy, and can even upload changes tot he calendar. Get more info

For backing up my entire network I use SyncBackSE by2BrightSparks Pte. Ltd. It does an amazing job and has lots of great options. Powerful, yet easy-to-use. This one can be used for home or business equally well. Get more info

For email I use The Bat! by RITLABS. It's powerful with all the features I need. Handles multiple email accounts, has it's own macrolanguage, and lots more. Get more info

Obviously I use other software in my daily work, but these are the ones that stand out because I use them so often. I hope you've enjoyed this special week of Picks that was inspired by your input. I'm always open to your requests and whenever possible I'll respond. Always remember that "software is always a matter of personal taste."I've been saying that for 30 years and I truly believe it. Each one of us may like different software for different reasons. At the same time,however, good software is always good software.

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