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We review RestoreIT Pro from Farstone Technologies as part of our series on backup software
Published: Dec 18, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
Tucows Editorial Feature

RestoreIT Pro by Farstone Technology, Inc.

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

Part of the editorial series on backup software

A Different Approach

RestoreIT Pro is a powerful backup solution that works on severallevels. The program works slightly differently from every other backupproduct I've tried. To begin with the program creates a secure partitionon your hard drive during the install process. The program estimates thesize of the partition and if you like you can change it. RestoreITPro utilizes this partition to backup all the files on yourcomputer. Really an intriguing idea if you think about it. Because thesefiles are separated and protected your computer can be easily restored.

RestoreIT Pro does a beautiful job of backing up the computer.Once in place it just does it's thing and you really don't have to worryabout it. The very cool thing about this product is that it will starteven if Windows won't! That's a huge benefit if your computershould be infected with a virus or it just crashes for any other reason.The program really does restore it if your system goesdown. By installing before Windows your computer will always start withRestoreIT Pro. In fact, after you've installed it, you'll alwayssee an option to go to the RestoreIT Pro Pre-OS if you shouldneed to. Very slick.

On top of this powerful backup and restore functionality is the abilityto image your hard drive. RestoreIT Pro can create anexact image of your drive and save it to external storage. In testingthe program out I saved images to one of my external USB hard drives.The nice things about a disk image is that it contains everythingabout your disk including the operating system, software, and all ofyour settings. It's an exact replica of the drive at that point in time.You can restore an image to a hard drive and have your entire systemexactly as it was at the time the image was made. Slick!

Lots of Flexibility

I found RestoreIT Pro to be very intuitive and quite easy-to-use.To me it's perfect for both new and experienced users. Less experiencedusers will find it especially helpful because of the ability to restorethe computer even if Windows can't start. The program gives you lots ofoptions and I always like that. For example, you can tell the program tobackup every hour if you like. RestoreIT Pro can backup to a DVD,a CD, a USB hard drive, and more. That gives you lots offlexibility, and I like that. You can restore individual files orthe entire drive.

RestoreIT Pro utilizes compression to make your backups useeven less space. If you wish you can password protect your computer atthe DOS level because RestoreIT Pro loads before Windows. That'salso how the program is able to restore your computer even if Windowscan't start. RestoreIT Pro doesn't need Windows. Very cool.

The screen shot shows the control center for RestoreIT Pro. Thissits in your system tray until you want it. It can show you how muchincremental backup space is available, how much file-level space isavailable, lets you do a Quick Backup, and more. It also showsyou how many complete and incremental backup points you have. From thiscontrol center you can access restore functions, advanced functions,user settings, and lots more.

Summing It Up!

RestoreIT Pro by Farstone Technologies, Inc. is a powerfultool for backing up and restoring your computer. It can createrestore points that let you restore your computer to any previous time.If your computer crashes for any reason, RestoreIT Pro can stillrestore your computer because it loads before Windows. Beyond backing upthe program can also create a complete image of your hard drivethat can be restored to other computers. It supports RAID systems,unlimited restore points, and the ability to load even when Windowswon't. The program is easy-to-use and perfect for users with all levelsof experience.

I really like the fact that RestoreIT Pro provides such powerfulfunctionality that even newer users can take advantage of. You don'thave to be a computer guru to use this product and use it well. Thecombination of backup together with imaging makes it a very useful tool.The ability to restore your computer even when Windows won'tstart is a major advantage. It's my pleasure to present RestoreITPro with the Tucows "Editor's Choice Award" for excellence. Really an impressive product that you can getfor 50% off from now until December 31, 2006.

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