As part of our editorial series on backup software this week we look at NovaBACKUP. Check it out.
Published: Dec 25, 2006
Author: Tucows Editorial Staff
Related OS: Windows
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NovaBACKUP Professional 15
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Tucows Editorial Feature

NovaBACKUP by NovaStor

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

Part of the editorial series on backup software

NovaBACKUP is a powerful program for backing up your computers.The program is loaded with features, but it's also very easy-to-use. Theprogram is intuitive and I think it's perfect for users with all levelsof experience. You can use NovaBACKUP to backup you desktop PC,your laptop, and even your home network. In testing it I backed up three(3) computers on my network and the program worked perfectly. You canbackup to external hard drives, DVD, CD, tape drive, and more.

NovaBACKUP makes it easy to both backup and restore any computer.The program even has a Disaster Recovery function that makes iteasy to restore your system if you have a hard disk crash. All you haveto do is boot with the recovery disk and NovaBACKUP restores everysingle file. I can say "every single file" because NovaBACKUP also hasthe ability to backup open files. That means that every file isincluded in a backup even ones that you're working with at the time.Slick!

NovaBACKUP has a built-in scheduler so you can have your backuprun anytime you want. With incremental backups you can backupjust the files that have changed or new files. If you like your backupscan also be scanned for viruses. NovaBACKUP also has a functionthat simply copies files to a backup area. That means that eachfile is in it's original format.

Summing It Up!

NovaBACKUP is a full-featured tool that's perfect for all users.You can use it to backup your laptop, desktop, or network. The programcan backup to every kind of media including CD, DVD, network drive,external hard drive, and tape. Backups can be scheduled so you never haveto remember. NovaBACKUP makes it easy to restore individual filesor your entire system and provides you with the ability to make arecovery disk.

If you're looking for a complete backup solution this may be just whatyou need. There are also versions for backing up servers and largernetworks. Give NovaBACKUP a try. I recommend it.

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