Stacy's Weekly Mashup: Zamzar, BuzzLogic, TrailFire, Kongregate, ChatStat...

This weeks geek news, video, wallpaper, freeware, the best of Web 2.0 and more, all mashed up like potatoes for your clicking enjoyment!
Published: Jan 18, 2007
Author: Stacy Reed
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Web 2.0 Sites:

  • Zamzar - Convert files online without the need to download software
  • ImThere - Get local even information for your area sent to your phone
  • Geni - Create your family tree and stay in touch
  • BuzzLogic - Applying the science of influence to the world of social media
  • Boxxet - Find the best news, blogs, photos, gear and much more on your favorite subjects
  • TrailFire - Place comments on any web page
  • Webjam - Aggregate and share content with online communities
  • Vidmeter - Tracking the top videos from Atom Films, Break.com, Daily Motion, Google, iFilm, Metacafe, Myspace, Revver, vSocial, Yahoo, and Youtube
  • YourMinis - Display content you gather from all over the web in tabs, then share those tabs with the world
  • Kongregate - Play great web-based games alongside friends

Freeware Feature of the Week: ChatStat IM, Live Chat, Statistics, & VOIP Call Back

Wallpaper of the Week: Lightning

The Week in Geek News:

Flickr Image of the Week: by Laurie

Article of the Week: The Art, Science and Business of Recommendation Engines - Read/Write Web

Art Site of the Week: The Art of Greg Martin

Video of the Week: 2000 Square Meters Of Tetris

Geek Tip: Have you ever been in the middle of working with a Microsoft Word document when suddenly, the program shuts down unexpectedly, or your computer crashes? You start asking yourself, "When is the last time I saved my work? Oh boy, can I remember everything that wasn't saved? How much work will I have to redo?"

Here's a quick and easy way to make sure that Word continuously saves a backup while you work, so you can recover your unsaved document the next time you launch the program. In MS Word's toolbar, go to Tools > Options > Save and select the Save AutoRecover info every check box. Enter the interval of time that you would like Word to save in the Minutes box. The more frequently Word saves, the more information can be recovered.

Keep in mind that the auto-recovery feature in Word should not be used in lieu of saving your work often. Once the file has been recovered, make sure you save it, otherwise, the file will be deleted and your changes will be lost. If you choose to save the recovered file, it will replace the original document unless you specify otherwise.

That concludes this weeks mashup! If you're looking for more, you can find an archive of past articles here. Keep the links coming, everyone! My thanks goes out to all of you who keep submitting great links! Do you know of a great site that's worth sharing? Do you have any comments or suggestions? I'd love to hear from you! Click Discuss this Article below to post your comment in the forums or send an email to sreed@tucows.com!

About Stacy Reed

Stacy Reed is Tucows' resident software librarian and editor. She has been reviewing PC and mobile software as well as web services for over a decade. Helping developers improve and promote their products is only one of her areas of expertise. Stacy is also an advocate for Open Source, Creative Commons and freeware, taking special interest in educational resources, social media, cloud sharing, and mobile technology.

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