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Join us as we begin to take a look at a range of computer security products.
Published: Feb 5, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Tucows Editorial Feature

Looking At Computer Security

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

Risk. Nearly everything we do involves risk. By virtue ofthe fact that we're alive we are open to risk. You can't avoid itno matter what you do. Even if you decided you'd just stay in bed thereare risks to doing that. What can you do? You can be smart andreduce risks whenever possible. By minimizing risk you canincrease your odds of avoiding problems. That's true in life and it'salso true in computers.

Weighing The Risks

Just as with life, the fact that you own a computer opens you up torisk. Because the computer is a piece of electronic equipmentmeans it's open to certain risks by default. Power outages, powersurges, faulty parts. If your fan goes out the processor fries prettyquickly. Too much heat near the computer can do the same thing. If youthink about it though, there are similar risks with your coffee maker oryour toaster.

Just turning the computer on opens you up to certain risks. Risk of harddisk failure, for example. If you don't go online the risks you face arefewer. At the same time, however you'd be missing the amazing world of theInternet. In my opinion the benefits of the Internet outweigh therisks. In order to decide that I have to look at what the risks are.

When you venture out onto the Internet there are a number of potentialthreats awaiting you. To name a few they include:

  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • Adware
  • Phishing
  • Spoofing
  • SPAM
  • Worms
  • Trojans
  • Popups
  • And more!

Simply knowing about the threats isn't enough. To be safe andreduce risks you have to do something about the threats. You haveto protect yourself.

Put On Your Armor!

Venturing out into the Internet can be safe if you use cautionand good tools to keep you protected. Kind of like a knight putting ontheir armor before going out into battle. Not that long ago you'd havehad to run separate programs for each type of risk, but not today. Youcan find a number of packages or suites that protect you againstthe full range of threats. They'll protect you from viruses, worms, andtrojans. Insulate you from spyware, adware, and other malware. Save youfrom being buried alive by SPAM, and more.

Over the next few weeks we'll look at some of the best securitysuites available, including products from:

  • McAfee
  • Norton
  • Bitdefender
  • Trend Micro
  • F-Secure

So, join us as we look at different brands of armor that willhelp you to go out into the Internet without being affected.

About Michael E, Callahan

Michael E. Callahan, known around the world by the trademarked name Dr. File Finder, is regarded as the world's leading expert on shareware. Dr. File Finder works with software programs and developers full-time, and in the average year he evaluates 10,000 programs. Since 1982 he has evaluated over 250,000 software and hardware products. Mr. Callahan began evaluating software online in 1982 and no one has been at it longer. He currently works doing online PR and marketing for software companies, and is the Senior Content Producer for Butterscotch.Com.

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