Picks: Reviews of PC Auto Shutdown, Wave Flow, StudioLine Photo Classic, and more.

Join me this week as I review software that will help you edit audio, manage your system power, work with photos, and more. Check it out.
Published: Feb 28, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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PC Auto Shutdown 5.8
Download PC Auto Shutdown is a handy software that help you automatically shutdown, power off,...
BeInSync 3.2.53
Download BeInSync provides a simple, all-in-one solution for accessing, sharing and protecting your...
StudioLine Photo Classic 3.8.3
Download Powerful and easy-to-use management and editing for digital photos.
Password Depot 6.1.2
Download Password Depot is a powerful and user-friendly tool for managing all your passwords.
Wave Flow 5.8
Download This audio editor can play, record, filter and modify a wave form, using more than 60...
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Reviewed by Dr. File Finder

Greetings and Welcome! While I'm at it Imay as well welcome you to March as well. Hard to believe that we'realready into March, isn't it? The weather in Colorado has continuedbeing crazy, but what else is new? Won't be long and it'll be summerand time to spend more time outside. That's when I'll copy my virtualmachine to my laptop and start working on the deck. In the meantime,however, there's always lots of software for me to look at. I've pickedout some interesting titles to tell you about. So, if you're all set,just kick back, relax, and let's take a look.

PC Auto Shutdown, by GoldSolution Software, Inc.is a cool tool for managing power on your computer. You can use theprogram in a variety of ways to put your computer into various states.You can setup a schedule that tells your computer to reboot, toshutdown, to hibernate, or even to log off. In testing it out, forexample, I had the program log me off at noon. It worked like a champ.

PC Auto Shutdown also lets you assign hot keys that makeit a snap to shutdown your computer with a couple key presses. Otherfeatures include cleaning out your Internet tracks, password protection,and a countdown alarm. Slick. The program is very easy-to-use and has anintuitive interface and to me that makes it perfect for users with alllevels of experience. PC Auto Shutdown gives you some realcontrol over the power consumption of your PC. Have it shut down everynight whether you're there or not. It even keeps a log so you can checkto see if the shut schedule has been maintained. So, if you'd like aneat way to shut down your machine, this may be just what you'vebeen looking for. Give it a try, I recommend it!

Wave Flow, by Xavier Ciracis an audio editor that's really very nicely done. It has lots ofexcellent features and a nice user interface. The program is great forboth new and experienced users. In testing it out I used it to playsounds, modify sounds, and much more. You can even record sounds usingWave Flow. It works very well for recording sounds and thenmaking modifications. Slick.

Wave Flow lets you open multiple files at once, which is a neatfeature when you have lots of sound files to work with. What's cool isthat each sound is in its own little window so you don't get themconfused as easily. In fiddling with the program I also found that youcan use it to play CDs, which is an extra benefit.

Wave Flow has lots of excellent features and it's very easy-to-use. If you like playing with sounds, take a good look at Wave Flow. Itmay be just what you need.

StudioLine Photo Classic, by H&M Systems Softwareis a powerful program for working with photos and other types of graphicmedia. The program is simply loaded with features, so I'm only going totry to hit the high points for you. In order to fully appreciate thisproduct you'll want to try it for yourself. The interface is reallyinteresting because you can move things around to suit yourself. I likethat kind of flexibility especially in a program like this. Speaking of"flexible", StudioLine Photo Classic helps you to do allkinds of things with your images.

The screen shot, for example, show how the program put together an albumof photos for a Web site, but it can be used for so much more. Theprogram makes it very easy to find your images so you can workwith them. I was impressed with the speed of the searches even throughlarge numbers of files. I also liked the fact that you can narrow downyour searches by specifying a certain time period. Slick. The programmakes it easy to find and work with your image collection.

StudioLine Photo Classic is easy-to-use, but it also has featuresthat give you real power for working with images. It comes with a fullset of tools that let you enhance your photos. If all this weren'tenough, the program can also handle your video and music. So, it'sreally a full-featured package. I like StudioLine Photo Classicso much that it's not only a "Pick", but I'm also making it aDr. File Finder Favorite and in 25 yearsof evaluating software there aren't very many of those. If you're intoimages, you need to take a look at this product. I recommend it!

Password Depot, by AceBIT GmbHis a very cool program for handling all your passwords. On the Internettoday it seems like there's a password or PIN for just about everything.A product like this makes it easier and safer to keeptrack of all those passwords. The program encrypts all your passwordswithin a database so they're always safe. In working with it I foundthat Password Depot has lots of features not found in similarprograms. I'll try to tell you about some of them.

For one, Password Depot comes with a built-in "server" sothe program can be shared on a network, a very cool feature. It also hassupport for keychain USB drives so you can take your passwords with youon your portable device. Wow, that's really slick. The more I fooledwith it the more impressed I was. Password Depot supportsInternet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape, which makes it veryflexible. The program will create or "generate" secure passwords for youand then remember them as well. It makes it easy to go to Web sites andlog on. Very nice.

Password Depot is extremely powerful, yet it's also very easy-to-use, the kind of program that's perfect for all levels of users. It hasan impressive array of features. For example, you can have customfields, password policies, put your encrypted passwords on the Internetfor retrieval, and even import and export passwords. On top of all thatyou can even use Password Depot to securely erase files. Andthere's still more! I'm going to have to buy a copy of this for myself.It's not often that I'm really impressed by a product, but I have to saythat Password Depot is the best program of its kind thatI've seen. So, it's not just one of my "Picks", but I'm also making it aDr. File Finder Favorite! Picking a"Favorite" is rare, and picking two on one day is almost unheard of.You owe it to yourself to try Password Depot. I give it myhighest recommendation.

Dr. File Finder Quick Picks
Dr. File Finder Quick Pick
  • AVS Audio Tools by Online Media Technologies Ltd.
  • Check ItOut!

AVS Audio Tools is a toolbox of all kinds of audio tools.You can use it to record audio on your PC, create your own ringtones foryour phone, and even upload audio to portable devices. This baby is justloaded with nifty features for the audiophile. You can copy a CD,CD, convert audio files from one format to another, and lots more. Iwant to spend some more time working with the program, but don't waitfor me. Check it out for yourself and I'll get to my full review as soonas I can.

Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

BeInSync is an interesting program that lets you access yourcomputer, and your data, from remote locations. The program cansynchronize files and folders so they are completely in sync. You caneven let others access specific files if you like. On top of that youand those you authorize could share particular files all the time. So,for example, you have Folder X that you let three of your colleaguesaccess. Each of you can modify the files and the files are thensynchronized on all of the computers. Cool. I have to spend moretime with this, but I'm also anxious to tell you more about it. I'll getto my full review soon, but if it sounds interesting to you, check itout now.

That brings us to the end, at least for today. I have to say that Ialways wish I could keep on going and tell you about more of the coolprograms I've looked at. What I may do is put up my Quick Picksas a regular podcast, and then do a few more Picks each week.Something for me, and you, to think about. If you have an opinion, emailme. Download these products and try them out for yourself they're wellworth your time. I'll be back next week with more software Picks to tellyou about. I hope you'll join me. Until then, have a great week, awonderful weekend, and happy downloading.

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