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Teachers can take the guesswork out of multiple-choice tests. Learn more in this week's Shareware Spotlight!
Published: Mar 13, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Shareware Spotlight

In The Spotlight: Break Out Plus and Power UpPlus

by Al Harberg

Quantity and Quality are Scored Separately on Multiple-ChoiceTests

Break Out Plus and Power Up Plus at a glance:

Multiple-choice tests are alive and well, and they continueto drive both teachers and students crazy:

  • Teachers are frustrated because their students' test scores don'tgive them a clue about what their students actually know. Today'smultiple-choice tests don't tell teachers when students areknowledgeable, and when they're guessing.
  • Students are tired of being cheated out of a passinggrade. They want to take the gambling out of multiple-choice tests, andget credit for reporting what they actually know.

Everybody benefits when we replace today's flawed multiple-choice systemwith a regimen that measures both the quantity and quality of students'understanding of the subject matter.

Knowledge and Judgment Scoring (KJS) makes it easier for teachers tomeasure and reward students for both the quantity and quality of theirtest responses. Nine-Patch Multiple-Choice offers two software packagesthat let teachers incorporate KJS into their multiple-choice tests:

Break Out Plus is the free version of Knowledge and JudgmentScoring. It's a Microsoft Excel add-in that you can download and useimmediately. Break Out Plus combines the features of traditional right-mark scoring with Knowledge and Judgment Scoring (which rewards bothmarking right answers and not marking wrong answers). Break Out Plusprovides the most useful information that can be obtained from amultiple-choice test. A teacher can know the traditional score, as wellas the things that students actually know and do not know.

Power Up Plus adds two powerful features to Break Out Plus: aTest Performance Profile, using discrimination and difficulty, and astudent counseling matrix. These descriptive statistics tell a validstory about two key questions: How well did each student perform on thetest? And how well did each multiple-choice question perform on thetest? Power Up Plus is a $29.95(US) Microsoft Excel add-in.

Please visit www.nine-patch.com for a complete description ofthe Knowledge and Judgment Scoring methodology, and for your free copyof Break Out Plus.

Download your free copy from:http://www.nine-patch.com/download/BreakOut.zip. You'll also find information about the full-featured, affordable Power Up Plus add-in forExcel.

About Nine-Patch Multiple-Choice:

Knowledge and Judgment Scoring (KJS) was developed at Northwest MissouriState University (NWMSU) by Dr. Richard Hart, Professor Emeritus, whenworking with over 3000 students who were often under-prepared forcollege. They needed to change from performing as passive pupils tobecoming self-correcting scholars to survive college classes. Studentsat NWMSU who made the shift from passive pupil to self-correctingscholar reported that they were doing better in all of their classes. High quality students learn more, easier, and do better on tests. KJSworks!

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