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Part two of our editorial series on free form databases features Info Select by Micro Logic. Read all about it!
Published: Mar 12, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Info Select by Micro Logic

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

Part of the editorial series on free form databases

A Little Background

To me Info Select is like the "grand-daddy" of free formdatabases. It's also a personal information manager. While themajority of PIMs are just PIMs, Info Select goes a step beyond. It's oneof the most powerful and flexible products of its kind. The originalproduct came out in 1986 as Tornado Notes. This was aDOS-based TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) program that let you createall manner of notes. In the past 21 years the program has grown andevolved to become a real powerhouse. Lets take a look at just some ofits many features.

Easy Data Management

Info Select makes it easy to store all of your "bits" ofinformation. It comes with examples that show you just how the programcan be used. There are examples for templates, To Do, Calendar, and muchmore. You can use Info Select to store all kinds of data from names andaddresses to Web pages. The program even lets you create templates forputting in information if you like.

The screen shot shows a template for entering name and addressinformation. You can whip this out in no time or enter yourinformation without any format. Totally up to you. Info Selectmakes it easy to put in your information no matter what it is. You canformat your information and put it in bold, italic, orunderline it.

Data And Much More!

Info Select gives you lots of ways to store data, but it does somuch more. For example, you can use the program to do all youremail. That's a powerful feature that goes beyond any other freeform database or PIM. On top of that you can also do yournewsgroups in Info Select. That way you can keep even moreinformation inside the program. The program helps by providing a handyStartup Guide.

As you can see in the screen shot the Startup Guide lets you selectthings you want to do and down below it tells you exactly how to do it.This helps you to get into the program without a lot of hassle andthere's so much you can do. Just a few of Info Select's otherfeatures include:

  • Password generator
  • Timer
  • Presentation
  • Database search

The password generator is handy for creating passwords that are randomand secure. You can also use the program to keep track of them. Thetimer is great for timing the duration of phone calls or how long youreggs have been boiling. Lots of uses.

Summing It Up!

Info Select is a powerful tool for working with all kinds ofinformation. You can use it to manage addresses, names,passwords, registration codes, Web pages, and lots more. You can alsouse it to handle your email and newsgroups. The program is incrediblyflexible and has lots of configurable options. It's a free form databasethat's also a personal information manager (PIM), an email client, and anewsgroup program. It keeps your data safe and secure while allowing youto put it in an appealing format.

Info Select, by Micro Logic, is one of the most impressiveprogram I've seen in a long time. In doing this series of articles onfree form databases I certainly didn't think that I'd find a new Dr. File Finder Favorite, but that's certainlywhat Info Select is. A powerful tool that you have to try foryourself. I recommend it!

About Michael E, Callahan

Michael E. Callahan, known around the world by the trademarked name Dr. File Finder, is regarded as the world's leading expert on shareware. Dr. File Finder works with software programs and developers full-time, and in the average year he evaluates 10,000 programs. Since 1982 he has evaluated over 250,000 software and hardware products. Mr. Callahan began evaluating software online in 1982 and no one has been at it longer. He currently works doing online PR and marketing for software companies, and is the Senior Content Producer for Butterscotch.Com.

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