Picks: Reviews of Retrospection, AlgeBasics, TypingMaster Pro, SnapTune, and more.

Software reviews of program that can help you keep track of your children on-line, work with Algebra, learn to type or improve your typing, record Internet radio, and more.
Published: Mar 28, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Novovue Professional 2007 1.0.0
Download Novovue Professional 2007 is a design collaboration tool developed to optimise the way...
Retrospection 2.2
Download Retrospection is a software program designed to help diagnose problems with other software...
AlgeBasics 5.0
Download Teach and learn the basics of algebra including the addition, subtraction, multiplication...
InsideCAT Lite Edition 5.02
Download InsideCAT is an automatic indexer/cataloguer program for all your PC disks collection (CD,...
TypingMaster Pro typing tutor 7.00
Download What if you could write your emails and reports with ease and in half the time?
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Reviewed by Dr. File Finder

Greetings and Welcome! Only two days left in March and Spring officially started a week ago. Never can tell in Colorado. One day it might be 75 and the next day we'll have snow. Flowers are starting to come up and before you know it Summer will be here. For now, anyway, the weather has been good and I can't complain. If I feel I really have to complain, I'll do it in one of my podcasts. In any event, as always, I've been looking at lots of software and I'vepicked out some good ones to tell you about. So, if you're ready justgrab something to drink, sit back, and lets take a look.

Retrospection, by Captive Developmentsis an interesting program that monitors and captures the activity onyour desktop. I suppose you could use it as a spy program towatch the activities of your children, but it would probably be betterfor things like tech support. The viewer portion of the program lets youlook back at activity in the past. You can move forwards and evenbackwards. If you want, you can also send a capture to the Windowsclipboard.

Retrospection could be used by people getting a computer error tocapture error messages. You can export captured activity to anAVI file. The file can then be sent via email or put on a disc. I foundthe program to be easy-to-use and very intuitive. I didn't really noticeany degradation of performance while it was running in the background onmy machine. This version is free, but you can also get a Professionalversion that has some cool extra features. So, if you'd like to capturethe running activity on your screen check it out!

AlgeBasics, by EleMaths Softwareis a nifty program for improving your performance with Algebra! Wherewas this thing when I was a kid? Well, for that matter where were thecomputers? AlgeBasics is a good, general introduction to basicalgebra. It walks you through division, multiplication, addition, andsubtraction. The program is very easy-to-use and while I'm not a mathteacher I do think the program gives a good insight into algebra.

At the end of every section AlgeBasics gives you some exercisesto make certain you understand the covered concepts. The program alsogenerates problems you can solve. And, the problems get harder as you goalong if you're doing well. If not the problems stay at aconstant level of difficulty. You can print reports that track yourprogress. Hey, and if you want you can even play against afriend. Nothing like a little healthy competition to help you betteryour Algebra grade. If you know someone that's struggling with algebra,tell them about AlgeBasics. I recommend it!

TypingMaster Pro, by Typing Master Finland Inc.is a typing program that I first reviewed years ago. It was good backthen and it's even better now. What I really like about this system isthat it adapts. It's flexible and that makes it a better teacheror tutor. I've personally recommended TypingMaster Pro to peoplewho wanted to learn or improve their typing. As you go through eachlesson the program monitors your progress. It then customizes your workand you can do extra exercises to get rid of your weak areas.

TypingMaster Pro is easy-to-use and perfect for users with alllevels of experience. Whether you need to learn to type oryou simply want to improve your typing, it's the perfect program.You can customize what you do so it suits you exactly. For example, Ihave some trouble with my left hand because of strokes. Every now andthen I use TypingMaster Pro to help correct my weaknesses. I likethe program so much that it's not only a Pick, but I'm also making it aDr. File Finder Favorite! So, if youneed to improve your typing or learn to type, this is the programyou want. I give it my highest recommendation. Try it.

Snaptune One, by Snaptune Inc.is a slick program that actually records Internet radio for you.What's really cool, however, is that the program can also tellwhat it recorded. You tell it which station to record and it doesso while making a list of the songs. Wow!

If you want you can have Snaptune One record new music whileyou're asleep or on vacation or eating lunch. Then, when you come back,you have new music to listen to. In testing it out here it worked reallywell and I have to say I was impressed. If you want you can also use theprogram to record USB FM tuners. Because it compiles a list for you, youcan easily go purchase the songs you like or simply listen to themagain, and again.

Snaptune One gives you real flexibility when it comes to music.Record one station one day and another station the next. In testing itout I even had it record some stations that were primarily talkand it worked perfectly. So, if you're into music this is a product youneed to try. I recommend it!

Dr. File Finder Quick Picks
Dr. File Finder Quick Pick
  • InsideCAT Lite Edition 3.26 by VGT Software Development
  • Check ItOut!

InsideCAT Lite Edition 3.26 is a nifty little program that helpsyou catalog your discs. The program can create a catalog of yourdiscs and then you can use it instantly find which thing is onwhich disc. How cool is that? So, if you've got a lot of discs aroundyour house check it out. I'll get to my full review as soon as possible.

Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Novovue Professional 2007 is collaboration software thatmakes it easy for you to work on design projects with multiple people.It has drawing tools that make it easy for engineers and other to worktogether on a design concept. You can markup items and lots more. Onceeveryone has contributed the projects can be saved as PDF files. Checkit out and I'll do a full review shortly.

Once again, that's all I have time for this week. I hope you enjoyedreading about these program that I thought were a bit special. All ofthem are excellent and well worth your time. I hope you'll download themand check them out for yourself. Don't forget to start thinking aboutyour favorite programs. The SIAF People'sChoice Awards voting starts on May 1st. This is your bigchance to vote for the programs you like best! Until next week, have a wonderful weekend and happy downloading.

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Michael E. Callahan, known around the world by the trademarked name Dr. File Finder, is regarded as the world's leading expert on shareware. Dr. File Finder works with software programs and developers full-time, and in the average year he evaluates 10,000 programs. Since 1982 he has evaluated over 250,000 software and hardware products. Mr. Callahan began evaluating software online in 1982 and no one has been at it longer. He currently works doing online PR and marketing for software companies, and is the Senior Content Producer for Butterscotch.Com.

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