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Reviews of BigOven Recipe Software, CrossTrainer, Debt Analyzer, Money Organizers Deluxe, and Weight-By-Date
Published: Apr 4, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Reviewed by Dr. File Finder

Greetings and Welcome! As we move intoApril keep in mind that for most of you your taxes have to be filed 11days from today. Obviously, you can file them sooner than that, but Ijust wanted to remind you of the deadline. Speaking of deadlines, don'tforget that the SIAF People's Choice Awards voting starts May 1stand runs through May 31st. You'll want to pick your favoriteprograms and vote for them. Speaking of Picks, I have another batch I'mready to tell you about. This week I'm doing a "Dr.File Finder Picks Roundup of self-improvementsoftware. I hope you'll like it. So, if you're ready just sit back andlets take a look.

BigOven Recipe Software, by Lakefront Software, Inc.is wonderful software for doing everything with recipes. It's animpressive piece of software and if you're into cooking like I am,you're going to want to check it out for yourself. The program makes iteasy to enter your personal recipes. This is great for your ownuse, but it's also helpful for sharing your recipes with family andfriends. The program is very easy-to-use and I think it's perfect forboth new and experienced users.

One of my favorite features is the grocery list. Don't you hateit when you go to cook something and you're missing a couple keyingredients? Well, not with BigOven Recipe Software. All you dois drag and drop a recipe onto the grocery list and the program makesyou a grocery list! Ahhh, but it gets even better. The program justdoesn't give you any old list, it even sorts it for you by aisleof your store.

All of this, to me, would be worth the cost, but there's still more. Theprogram makes it a snap to deal with quantity issues. Have arecipe that serves four, but today you have to serve 24? The programfigures it out for you. You can mark recipes that you want to try,create meal plans, and get new recipes from the huge onlinedatabase. Want to share your Grandma's banana bread recipe? You can doit online and do it easily. I've looked at other recipe programs,but to me BigOven is the best. For that reason, it's not only aPick, but also a Dr. File Finder Favorite and those are few and far between. So, if you like to cook,this is a program you owe it to yourself to try, and buy! Myhighest recommendation.

Crosstrainer, by Crosstrainer Software Corporationis a program you may want to get after you've eaten food you preparedfrom BigOven. With a background in medicine I can tell you thatCrosstrainer provides you with wonderful information about healthand fitness. You can track a large number of health variable likenutrition, exercise, aerobic training, and lots more. I like the factthat the program has a number of configurable options so you can make itwork for you. By keeping a log of what you're doing as part ofyour total fitness regimen you have a clear view of where you startedand where you're going.

Crosstrainer helps you monitor the things you eat, the things youdo, and gives you the tools you need to make progress! In anytype of program where you're trying to improve yourself I think it'simperative that you have guidance and information. Whether you want tobe a body builder or if you just want to keep your weight stable,Crosstrainer is a perfect program. You can track your nutrition,body measurements, strength training, keep a diet diary, examine howhealthy some of your recipes really are and more. If you want to stay ingood health no matter what your goals, take a good look atCrosstrainer. I recommend it.

Debt Analyzer, by Insight Software Solutionsprovides yet another way to improve yourself by improving yourfinancial situation. What I really like about Debt Analyzer isthat it gives you the total picture of your debt and lets you try different options and approaches. The program is easy-to-use andintuitive and you don't have to be an accountant to figure it out. Theability to fiddle with "what if" scenarios can be very useful.You can have up to fifty (50) debts in each debt plan and you can havemultiple plans.

While working with Debt Analyzer you can see how things would goif you just did minimum monthly payments. Once you see that your debtwill be paid off when you're 90, you may want to try some other options.You can enter what a debt is, what the balance is, what the requestedmonthly payment is, what your normally pay, and even the date thepayment is due. You can use accelerated payments to get your debt paidoff sooner. Debt Analyzer also provides you with a budget featureso you monitor your income, spending, and debt. Slick!

Debt Analyzer can also be used to figure out loan consolidation.You can see what you save by consolidating, what it will cost, and youcan even create a graph that shows your time savings. You can generate arange of reports and graphs. These help you to see your progress ...where you've been and where you're going. You can even produce acalendar so you never miss a payment date. Debt Analyzer ispowerful, yet it's also very easy-to-use. Perfect for users with alllevels of experience. Got debt? Who doesn't, but at least you canget Debt Analyzer and start getting out of debt. Try it, Irecommend it!

Money Organizers Deluxe, by PrimaSoft PC, Inc.is a cool tool for managing and organizing your financial life. You canuse it to organize investments, handle your checking and savings, anddeal with online accounts. In this way all of your important financialinformation is in one spot. Easy to access and easy to deal with. Theprogram has wizards so you can easily setup your information. Ifound the program itself to be extremely easy-to-use, perfect for bothnew and experienced users.

Money Organizers Deluxe makes it easy to manager your money andinvestments. You can generate reports to see where you stand in anyparticular area. The ability to work with your online accounts is areal plus as well. I like the fact that the program is flexible and notonly includes templates, but allows you to easily modifythose templates to suit yourself. If you'd like some help taking care ofyour money take a good look at Money Organizers Deluxe.

Weight-By-Date Pro Diet and Fitness, by ProVariant Softwareis another tool to help you lose weight. You can set goals, track yourweigh and monitor how far you are from your goal weight. The programhelps you to gain control over your diet and also supplies you with somemotivation. The program provides you with all the information youshould need to lose weight and then keep it off.

Weight-By-Date Pro Diet and Fitness is a complete program to helpyou achieve the weight you want and stay there. With nearly 70% ofAmericans overweight this is a piece of software worth investigating. Check it out for yourself.

There you have it. We looked at programs that helped you to manage yourrecipes, manage your exercise, manage your debt, manage your money,and manage your diet. If any of these products might be useful to youtake the time to try them out. Remember that before you engage inexercise or other physical activity or before you begin a diet youshould consult a healthcare professional. I hope you've enjoyed this"Dr. File Finder Picks Roundup ofself-improvement software. I'll be back next week with more coolsoftware to tell you about. I hope you'll join me. Till then, have agreat week, a wonderful weekend, and happy downloading.

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