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The fourth and final installment of our series on free form databases features Black Hole Organizer, by Lincoln Beach Software. Check it out.
Published: Mar 26, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Black Hole Organizer by Lincoln Beach Software

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

Part of the editorial series on free form databases

Easy Access

The Black Hole Organizer, by Lincoln Beach Software, is an award-winning free form database. It makes it easy to keep notes, names,addresses, phone numbers, links to Web pages, and other information ofall kinds. When entering text you can put it in bold,italic, and underlined. You can also highlight text so itstands out. You select the font and the font size. Black HoleOrganizer, makes it easy to divide your data into groups that makesense to you. One of the features that I really like is thefloater. The floater can sit on your desktop where it's out ofthe way.

The screen shot shows the floater sitting on my desktop. Whatdoes it do? Let's say you just bought a software product from a Website. In the order they gave you a registration number which you copiedto the clipboard. All you have to do is right-click on the floater, select the"Create Message From Clipboard" option, select the category whereyou want to clip to be added, and the contents of the clip is added toyour database. It's just that easy! You can also drag files to thefloater and they become part of your database. You never have toremember to "save" your work. Black Hole Organizer does that for youautomatically.

Plenty of Extras

Black Hole Organizer uses categories to let you organizeyour data. You can create new categories, new documents, and can even movedocuments between categories easily. If you wish you can even havemultiple sub-categories. The program gives you the ability to createtables in your documents so you can create charts and more.

Black Hole Organizer also offers spell checking and a completeThesaurus. You can print your documents, export them, and searchfor the data you want. The Power Search feature lets you quicklysearch through your entire database. You can specify options like casesensitive, exact phrase, and more. The program also has an excellentreminder function so you can be reminded on the data and timethat you want. Black Hole Organizer is very easy-to-use and haslots of configurable options. It's perfect for both new and experiencedusers.

Black Hole Organizeris really handy on the Internet as well. Youcan store email addresses, Web page URL's, and it even has a built-inemailer. You can send information to others right from within theprogram. Another cool feature lets you create links that lead to otherfiles. So, for example, you can create a link that will open a Worddocument! Black Hole Organizer is a great tool for keeping trackof all your information.

Summing It Up!

Black Hole Organizer, by Lincoln Beach Software, is a powerfulfree form database that's also extremely easy-to-use. It provides a fullscope of features including formatting of text, powerful search, tables,highlighting, multiple databases, reminders, and so much more. It alsohas a backup and restore feature that can be invaluable. You canpassword protect your data and know that it's always safe. Black HoleOrganizer has all the features you need. Give it a try.

About Michael E, Callahan

Michael E. Callahan, known around the world by the trademarked name Dr. File Finder, is regarded as the world's leading expert on shareware. Dr. File Finder works with software programs and developers full-time, and in the average year he evaluates 10,000 programs. Since 1982 he has evaluated over 250,000 software and hardware products. Mr. Callahan began evaluating software online in 1982 and no one has been at it longer. He currently works doing online PR and marketing for software companies, and is the Senior Content Producer for Butterscotch.Com.

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