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Personal Knowbase: Unique, free-form notes management software. Personal Knowbase is featured in this week's Shareware Spotlight.
Published: Apr 3, 2007
Author: Al Harberg
Related OS: Windows
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Personal Knowbase 3.2.4
Download Organize your notes with keywords using Personal Knowbase.
Shareware Spotlight

In The Spotlight: Personal Knowbase

by Al Harberg of DP Directory

Take Control of your Notes with Personal Knowbase!

Personal Knowbase at a glance:

Personal Knowbase from Bitsmith Software takes the work out of managing large amounts of information. Effortlessly! With Personal Knowbase, you can take control of the information that crosses your desk - and your computer - every day.

Personal Knowbase's intuitive keyword-based system organizesnotes in a natural way, without a complex interface. Using keywordsgives you more control over how you store and retrieve your notes.Because you can assign any number of keywords to each note, yourinformation is never forced into a single category, as it is with tree-based systems.

Personal Knowbase is a serious note management database,beneficial to writers, students, researchers, and other users with lotsof information to organize. Unlike tree-based systems, in which largenumbers of notes become difficult to navigate as category trees becomedeeper and deeper, Personal Knowbase's system handles thousands,or even tens of thousands, of notes as easily as a few. By usingkeywords to filter notes all at one level, you can retrieve related datatogether, and keep important information at your fingertips. Bycombining keywords in queries using logical operators such as AND, OR,and NOT, you can precisely pinpoint the information that you need.

Dragging any block of text from other Windows software directly into Personal Knowbase's main window automatically creates a new notewith that text. The program includes password protection for addedsecurity. Users can now feel safe in storing private information suchas account passwords, financial information, diaries, and confidentialnotes. You can set a password for an entire data file or only forselected notes.

The latest version also includes hypertext linking from note text. You can link any arbitrary text in a note to any target Internet address or to a local disk file or folder, allowing for handy access to external resources. You can also create hypertext links to other Personal Knowbase notes, making it straightforward to cross reference yourstored materials.

Personal Knowbase 3 costs $39.95(US) for a single-user license,and runs on Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista. Volume discounts are available.

About Bitsmith Software:

Since 1998, Bitsmith Software has been developing and marketing itsflagship free-form database, Personal Knowbase. In addition, the companyoffers PK Reader, a free viewer that allows you to share your PersonalKnowbase files with colleagues who don't yet own Personal Knowbase. Theyalso offer a growing library of plug-ins that make it easier forPersonal Knowbase users to handle Microsoft Word files and otherdocuments. Visit http://www.bitsmithsoft.com/.

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Since 1984, Al Harberg has been president of DP Directory, Inc., a public relations firm that helps software developers use press releases to get publicity and sales.

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