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Business Card Designer Plus, by CAM Development, is a powerful tool for creating business cards.
Published: Jul 8, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Business Card Designer Plus 12.060
Download Business Card Designer Plus allows you to create great looking custom business cards on...
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Business Card Designer Plus, by CAM Developmentis a very cool program for creating professional-looking business cards.The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use and I think it's perfect forall user, regardless of their level of experience. The program ispowerful, yet very flexible, helping you to get exactly the results youwant. It's loaded with features and functions and gives you all kindsof ways to customize your business cards. For one, it provides supportfor all kinds of business card paper. And I don't just mean stock frombig companies like Avery. You can even define custom sizes! Very slick.

Business Card Designer Plus gives you lots of tools so youcan insert your own graphics logo, put in text effects, insertdifferent shapes, heck, even put in a barcode! One feature that I thinkis really cool is that it lets you do special things with text -- likeput it in an arc! Very neat. You can also put in shadows, select fonts,colors, and lots more. Another cool feature is that the program comeswith a wide range of templates to get you started. It also comes with anice selection of backgrounds and clipart. Hey, and if you want, iteven supports bringing in new images with your scanner! Slick with acapital "S". Even a "graphically challenged" person like myself can doa great job with this program. And it doesn't take long either. And,you can save the personal information of multiple people -- so you canmake cards for yourself, your assistant, as many people as you want.

Business Card Designer Plus, by CAM Development, can print outyour business cards on any printer that works with Windows. It's a full-featured program that comes with everything you need to really doa professional job. Lots of options and you know I like programs thatgive you lots of options. It comes with background and clipart, lets youdo fancy text effects, use your own graphics, and much more. I like thisprogram so much, that not only is it a "Pick", but it's also aDr. File Finder Favorite. And those arefew and far between. So, if you're in the market for a business card,you owe it to yourself to give this program a try. I recommend ithighly -- well done!

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