Picks: People's Choice Awards Winners - Part 1

The People's Choice Awards are voted on by users like you. Continuing our editorial series on this years award winners here are just some of the winners of the People's Choice Awards.
Published: Aug 15, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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SpeedUpMyPC 2014
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SwordSearcher Bible Software 6.0.1
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UltraEdit-32 13.20
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WinZip 21.0.22288.0
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SpeedUpMyPC, by Uniblue Systems won the People's Choice Awards in the Most Votes on Tucows category. This nifty program helps you keep your PC running smoothly. It removes junk files that accumulate on your computer. Beyond that it also lets you keep track of your system resources. You can monitor free RAM, boost your CPU usage, and lots more.

SpeedUpMyPC optimizes your Internet connection, watches disk usage, and helps you to monitor the programs that start with Windows. You can disable or remove programs that are taking up valuable memory. SpeedUpMyPC makes your computer run better. It's no wonder so many users like you voted for it.

Second Copy, by Centered Systems won the People's Choice Awards in the Best Overall Utility category and it's won multiple times. With this nifty utility you can do automatic backups to a variety of devices. Backup to a network drive, another hard drive, or a "Zip Disk". You can create profiles, or backup sets, that contain all the information for doing a backup. And doing backups are important, trust me. Don't wait to find out the hard way just how important they are. With this nifty program it's easy to create a "second copy" of your really important files.

Second Copy actually 'watches' the files you select and notices when there have been changes. When it does, it springs into action and updates everything in the backup location you've selected. The program has an intuitive user interface and that makes it easy-to-use. That also makes it perfect for users with all levels of experience. Give it a try for yourself. It's no wonder it got so many votes from users just like you.

WinZip, by Corel Corporation won the People's Choice Award in the Best Application category. Over the years WinZip has won both the People's Choice Awards and the Shareware Industry Awards multiple times. WinZipis the best-known program for working with ZIP and other compressed files. The interface is very intuitive and the program is easy-to-use. It's perfect for all levels of users - from beginners to advanced. If you need to work with ZIP files, this is the program you want to try.

WinZip has easy-to-use "wizards" that can guide you through the process of handling ZIP files or you can bypass the wizards if you like. WinZip is a powerhouse for working with ZIP files and yet it's always been easy-to-use. WinZip has been voted the best by you and by programmers as well. Check it out!

SwordSearcher Bible Software, by Brandon Staggs won the People's Choice Award in the Best Home or Personal Interest category. SwordSearcher is a Bible study application written to improve the time you spend in Bible study. The program is one of my "Favorites" and it's obviously one of yours as well. The program is easy-to-use and intuitive. It also brings together a huge amount of material and makes it easy for you to access.

SwordSearcher Bible Software is truly an impressive collection that includes the complete Bible along with a number of popular commentaries. The program makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for so you can optimize your Bible study time. Teke the time to try it for yourself.

UltraEdit-32, by IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. won the People's Choice Award in the "Best Business Application or Utility" category. This full-featured text, Hex, and HTML editor has won the Shareware Industry Awards as well. UltraEdit-32 can handle multiple files at once as well as very large files. It features syntax highlighting and comes already configured for Java, HTML, C++, and others.

UltraEdit-32 is loaded with features and lots of configurable options. Among these are built-in FTP, configurable keyboard, binary view, and plenty more. Easy to see why it got so many votes from users like you.

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