How to recover deleted data

If you have ever lost your data by deletion, emptying the recycle bin or by permanent deletion you can still recover them with the help of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.
Published: Aug 2, 2007
Author: Stellar Information Systems Ltd
Related OS: Windows
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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Pro 7.0
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If you have lost your data by deletion, emptying the recycle bin or permanent deletion (Shift + Delete) there is no problem, you can still recover them with the help of our software.

I will guide you to recover your deleted data using our Data Recovery Software.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery v3.0, an advanced recovery software designed for safe and non-destructive data recovery from hard disk or any removable media. It has an intuitive and simple graphical user interface, which makes the software outstanding.

The software's fully automated wizard will walk you through the simple steps:

Evaluate - Phoenix identifies the device, locates all partition on the inaccessible drive and list them.

Analyze - It examines the remains of file structure (boot sector, FAT copies or MFT and root directory) and the data area of the inaccessible drive and works the best path out to recover your files and directories.

Recover - All recoverable files and folders are presented in a tree structure. You can select your data files and directories and move the data to a safe location.

Download the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery program from the below mentioned link:


After you have downloaded and installed our program, the program window will look like this.

All your attached drives will be listed in the left side pane and important tips in the right pane.

Now, in order to recover your deleted data please proceed as mentioned below:

To recover lost data from logical drives:

    * click on logical drive (drive from which data is to be recovered) in the left pane.
    * You get a Select Appropriate Action window as shown below.

You can select the required action mentioned in the window:

Standard Scan - Scan performed in most cases, which quickly and efficiently search the selected drive/image file for lost files.

Advance Scan - This method takes more time to scan but has greater chance to discover lost data. It scans each cluster of the logical drive and also scans the entire unused cluster for known file types. In case of formatted drive, previous file system can be selected for scanning.

After selecting the appropriate action, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery starts scanning for data and generates a directory tree on the left panel as shown below,

After scanning of the drive, lost file(s) can be recovered. There are two recovery options:

    1. Recover all lost file(s)
    2. Recover selected file(s)

To Recover All Lost Files

Click Recover All icon on the Toolbar or Files -> Recover All, following window will popup.

Here, you have to specify - destination, file creation and recovery options and click OK.

To Recover Selected File(s)

    * Select the file(s) by clicking the checkbox next to them.
    * Click Recover Selected icon on the Toolbar or Files -> Recover Selected, following window pops up.

You can also enable Recover Selected option by right clicking the file or folder.

Here, you have to specify recovery destination option and file creation option. After choosing the options, click OK.

The recovered file(s) will be saved in the specified folder.

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