How To Work Smarter with SystemAI

Many of you may not want to get as involved with virtualization as I am, but there are alternatives. SystemAI, by Celceo, provides an intriguing solution to your computer issues. You can work smarter and here's how.
Published: Sep 10, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Work Smarter with SystemAI

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder


Most of you probably know that I'm a big fan of virtualization. I user virtual computers in my home office and I'm an advocate for everyone using them. I've used products from VMware, Parallels, Microsoft, and others to create complete, virtual machines. If you came into my office you probably wouldn't realize that the "computer" I'm working on is actually a virtual computer. The same computer is also on my laptop, because I've cloned it. The whole concept of virtualization makes my life easier.

Many of you may not want to get as involved with virtualization as I am, but there are alternatives. SystemAI, by Celceo, provides an intriguing solution to your computer issues. You can work smarter and here's how.

Virtualize The Programs

The idea behind SystemAI is really very simple. Rather than run all your programs in a virtual computer, run each program it its own virtual machine. Like a virtual envelope that protects each program from the others. Why would this idea work? Once again, simple. No conflicts.

The screen shot shows the trial version of SystemAI running on my physical computer. You can see a list of programs listed there in the interface. Each of those programs is currently running in a virtual machine all by itself. So, I'm writing this article with the Boxer Text Editor and Boxer is running in a virtual machine. Firefox is running in a separate machine. The beauty of this is that the two programs can't conflict with each other. They are technically running in separate environments, totally independent from each other.

How SystemAI Works

SystemAI works because it focuses on the root of the problems. What's that you ask? Well, the fact that many computer problems are caused by conflicts between the software packages running on them. Programs A, B, and C may get along just fine until you start Program D. That's when the problems start. Program D may be poorly written or poorly behaved. It might hog memory and other resources. Using SystemAI you avoid all this because every program is running in its own virtual machine.

This screen shot shows the contents of the Firefox virtual machine. The virtual machine contains the program, the Registry keys, and everything else the program needs to run. So now Programs A, B, C, and D can all run together because in reality each is running alone. Each is running in a virtual machine that is designed for it. The programs can't conflict because each is isolated from the others. Really a very interesting concept.

All For One...

... and one for all. That's another aspect of SystemAI. The company gathers information on programs and virtual machines so it can optimize virtual machines better. In other words, every user of SystemAI benefits from the experiences of the others. Let me give a simplistic example.

They take the basic things that are used to support your program. Things like Registry keys, programs, and the like. By being able to analyze the data from lots of users they are able to come up with the ideal virtual machine for a given program. The system is called, appropriately enough, Collective Intelligence and it has nothing to do with being assimilated. (Sorry, had to do a Borg joke). In fact, if you're uncomfortable with sharing even basic information you can limit it. What is shares is only information concerning the operation of a program and not personal information. Slick.

Summing It Up!

SystemAI is a really innovative software product that helps to eliminate conflicts on your computer. By doing that it means your computer runs better all the time. Utilizing operational data from lots of users lets the program create optimal virtual machines for each program. That, folks, is a clever idea.

SystemAI is a perfect program for anyone who simply want to eliminate system conflicts and have their programs run better. With each program in a virtual machine it can't conflict with any other program that's running. You can't ask for more than that. I'm so impressed with SystemAI that I'm making it a Dr. File Finder Favorite and there aren't very many of those in 25 years. Take a look fro yourself and see what I mean.

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