Picks: Reviews of programs that backup your computer, track files, and more

Picks: Reviews of programs that backup your computer, track file changes, and lots more.
Published: Sep 19, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Macrium Reflect 4.2.2020
Download Macrium Reflect is a complete backup and disaster recovery solution for Windows Vista and...
iternum TrackMyFiles 1.5.10
Download Iternum TrackMyFiles is like a time machine for your important files.
Asutype 5.0
Download Type more accurately and much faster with this OS-level real time spell check and speed...
Wedding Magic 4.0.26
Download This is a tool for brides, grooms and parents to help plan and organize weddings.
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Macrium Reflect, by Paramount Software UK Ltd is a beautifully done product that's a full-featured solution for keeping your computer backed up. The program has everything you need including a very handy scheduling function. Macrium Reflect has some innovative features that I really liked. For example, it allows you to save all your backup set definitions in XML format. Cool. Another really cool feature lets you create a rescue CD. That's a powerful feature because if your computer won't boot you can use the CD and then restore your data. Nicely done.

Macrium Reflect lets you backup your computer files or you can create complete images of your hard drive. Utilizing images you can easily restore data to an existing hard drive or put all your data on a new hard drive. Slick. Macrium Reflect also uses multiple levels of compression so your backups can take less space. The program is amazingly easy-to-use and is perfect for users with all levels of experience.

In testing out Macrium Reflect I found it to be quite fast, even when creating an image file of my drive C. I found that you can replace, or restore if you will, just one file if you want with no hassle at all. It handles full backups as well as incremental and differential versions. Another really cool feature is the ability to create a virtual drive that you can then browse with a file manager. So, for example, I put an image of my drive D over on drive P and was able to just copy files back to drive C. Excellent. I'm so impressed with Macrium Reflect that I'm not only making it a Pick, but a Dr. File Finder Favorite as well. You owe it to yourself to try this product out. I recommend it!

Iternum TrackMyFiles, by iternum GmbH is a neat program for anyone who works with a lot of documents. I can see it would be perfect for writers and others who write text and make frequent revisions. I tested it out with a number of documents and was very pleased with the results. Iternum TrackMyFiles tracks all of the changes you make to a file and saves them. What's so cool about that? Well, you can go back to a previous version of a document. One that would normally be lost to you forever once you'd saved the file.

The program works flawlessly with Microsoft Word, Excel, and even PowerPoint. I tested it out with Word and Excel and intentionally made really radical changes to documents. Yes, I knew I had backups, but I sure didn't need them. Iternum TrackMyFiles worked perfectly and I could go back to my original before I'd made changes, or to other points in between.

Perhaps the best feature of Iternum TrackMyFiles is the fact that it works all by itself in the background. It automatically keeps copies and you can go back later and restore to any previous version. What I really like about it is that it gives you the freedom to experiment in your document. Go ahead and go off on a tangent in that Word document. Do some grand financial planning in that Excel spreadsheet. Nothing to worry about because Iternum TrackMyFiles has you covered. Very easy-to-use and intuitive. Take it for a test drive yourself, I think you'll like it.

As-U-Type, by Fanix Software is a program I've reviewed before and I wanted to come back to it as there's a new version. This is is a neat utility that spell checks everything you type on your computer in real time. So, if you type something wrong, it catches it, and right now! But it's even more than just another spell checker. In using the software for a period of time, I found that it seems to adapt to my "style" of writing. And, it also corrects many spelling mistakes automatically. That can be a real time-saver because it means that when you're done typing something, you're totally done! You don't have to go back and check the spelling. Another neat feature is that you can go in and add things that may be peculiar to you. For example, I sometimes use "Ahh", such as "Ahh, I understand." Well, the program didn't like that so I went in and added it. Very slick.

As-U-Type is extremely easy-to-use and perfect for both new and experienced users. It makes you more productive because it catches mistakes as you make them. Unlike spelling programs that are part of a particular program, this works in every program under Windows. And I do mean every program including your email, instant messenger, Web browser, and lots more. And it'll make you look like the winner of the spelling bee! The program also lets you copy and paste text segments through the use of keyboard shortcuts. And that also saves you time, and effort. I'm actually using it as I type this review and by now I've gotten very used to it being there. Heck, it not only types you're regular spelling errors, but it'll even catch something that's accidental .. Like a stray key press. Very slick!

As-U-Type, by Fanix Software, is an interesting program that will make everything you type better. It works all the time no matter what program you're using. It learns the mistakes you make most, and adapts. It will correct many mistakes automatically. And with others, it will make a sound and underline the error in red. You can insert pieces of text with shortcuts, add to the dictionary, add little phrases peculiar to yourself, and more! So, if you're like many people and have trouble with spelling, this is a program you want to have! It may well be a program you need to have. This program was a Dr. File Finder Favorite the last time I looked at it and it still is. Get rid of the errors in everything you write and give this program a good, long look! You're going to like it!

Wedding Magic, by FrogWare is a cool software program that looks to me like it would make wedding planning a lot easier. Seriously folks, this baby does it all. You can organize every aspect of your wedding including guest lists, invitations, who RSVP'd, and so on. I thought it was also cool that it helps you manage your budget and maintain lists of service providers. You know folks like the florists, the photographer, rentals, and lots more.

In working with Wedding Magic I could see where it could really make the process of planning a wedding much easier. Another cool feature, for example, is that it creates a checklist for you. That makes it easy for you to take care of things when you should. You can even include the items you put in a bridal registry at stores. From start to finish Wedding Magic has you covered. I've never seen a similar product that's so comprehensive. So, if you know someone who has a wedding in their future, tell them about Wedding Magic. It may well be the solution they need.

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