How To Delete Scenes from AVI Files

You might quite often face the need to quickly cut out some scenes in a video file you have without wanting to edit or re-encode it. Using AVS Video ReMaker you can delete scenes from AVI (DivX, XviD), MPEG-1,2 and 4, AVI DV and DVD files. Read all about it.
Published: Oct 9, 2007
Author: Galina Smirnova
Related OS: Windows

Delete Scenes from AVI Files

by Galina Smirnova


You might quite often face the need to quickly cut out some scenes in a video file you have without wanting to edit or re-encode it. Using AVS Video ReMaker you can delete scenes from AVI (DivX, XviD), MPEG-1,2 and 4, AVI DV and DVD files. You can delete scenes without having to reconvert files and without losing the original quality.

  • Step 1. Download and install AVS Video Tools
  • Click here to download it. After the download is finished, run the AVSVideoTools.exe file and follow the installation wizard instructions.

  • Step 2: Run AVS Video ReMaker and load the original video
  • After you launch the program, you can select your video using the Add File(s) button. In the opened Windows Explorer Window browse for the necessary folder containing video files:

    NOTE! If your input is a DVD disc, you will need to select the path to your source file: X://VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO. "X" stands for your DVD-ROM or the hard disk drive folder where your DVD is stored.

    It is important to select the IFO file, rather than VOB file, because the IFO file contains the information about the entire DVD structure and this way you will avoid audio and video de-synch problems when converting. Also, most DVDs have several VOB files (files with actual video) and if you convert VOBs instead of IFO, you will have to merge them afterwards, which is not the case with the IFO files.

    When the video is loaded, you can manage it using the Delete File and Delete All Files buttons to remove the video from the program and Add File(s) button to add more video files to AVS Video ReMaker. Note, that in case you add several different video files to the program all of them must have the same parameters - video resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate and bit rate.

  • Step 3: Find the unnecessary scenes using one of the modes
  • You can find the unnecessary scenes in two ways:

    1. Using the Preview Video mode to manually find the scenes you want to delete and 2. Using the Delete Scenes mode to automatically detect scenes changes and delete the found scenes.

    If you need to specify some scenes manually, you can do that using the player toolbar in the lower part of the program window and the Selection Range button. To add area of deletion, click the left mouse button within the timeline to select the beginning of the scene and without releasing it drag it to the ending limit of the scene. You can move the boundaries after that with the mouse. After you select an area, click the Add Area of Deletion button to mark this area as to be deleted from the video.

    If you click the Detect Scenes button you will switch into the scenes detection mode. If you are going to cut out the commercials from a TV broadcast, you should also check the Detect TV Commercials option.

    To start the scene search, click the Start Detection button. When the search is done you will see the list of found scenes within the AVS Video ReMaker window:

    Step 4: Mark the scenes for deletion

    Click the scene you don't need in your video and after that use the Add Area of Deletion button to mark the scene for deletion. The scenes you want to delete will be colored in red:

  • Step 5: Create a DVD menu (optional)
  • If your input video is a DVD or MPEG2 then after you have marked all the scenes to be deleted, you can create a menu for your DVD video. First of all you will need to place markers in the beginning of each chapter of your DVD. It is better done in the Preview Video mode:

    To add chapters, please click with the mouse cursor within the timeline area in the place, where you want the chapter to begin. After that use the Add button to create a chapter. The same way all the other chapters are created. You can delete the unwanted chapters using the Remove button or all the chapters using the Clear button.

    To customize the DVD menu click the Create DVD Menu button. The program will change view:

    You will see all your added markers as DVD chapters in the DVD menu. You can Change background or even Customize your DVD menu using the respective buttons. Use the Remote Control Emulator to navigate through your created DVD menu.

  • Step 6: Remake your video
  • When all is ready, click the Remake now! button to open the Save File window:

    Here you can select the output file Name, destination Path, video Format (if available) and decide whether you would like to save all the parts of the file, that will be formed after the deletions are made, into one file or into several files (if you save your video into DVD format, you should select Save all sections into a single file option).

    The Burn movie to disc after processing option will be available with DVD video. When it is enabled, the AVS Video ReMaker will record the resulting files onto an optical disc using the internal burn engine. After that you will need to press the Start button and will see the deletion progress on the progress bar. It will take some time depending on the file length and your computer configuration.

  • Step 7: Burn your DVD onto a disc

Insert a blank DVD into your computer optical disc drive. Make sure that the disc is compatible with your drive.

AVS Video Burner application will be launched to guide you through the burning process so that you could record your converted video onto a disc.

You can select the necessary disc drive if you have several, refresh it and mark the Verify disc check-box to make sure the disc is recorded correctly.

Now click the Start burning! button to begin the recording. Note, that if the disc is not empty you will be offered to erase it. If you do not want to do that, you can eject the disc and use another one instead.

After the burning is over the disc will be ejected automatically. Note, if you checked the Verify disc, the recording will take a little longer depending on the size of the output files as the program will need time to verify them.

Now you managed to cut out all the unnecessary scenes from your video without the need to reconvert it.

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