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Reviews of Handy Backup, WinBackup Standard, NovaBACKUP, SyncBack, and Macrium Reflect
Published: Oct 31, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Macrium Reflect 4.2.2020
Download Macrium Reflect is a complete backup and disaster recovery solution for Windows Vista and...
Handy Backup 6.7
Download Handy Backup is a powerful, completely extensible backup utility for Windows OS.
NovaBACKUP Professional 15
Download NovaBACKUP Professional is windows backup software for the rest of us.
Download Easily backup, synchronize, or restore your files to another drive, FTP server, ZIP file,...
WinBackup Standard 2.1.2
Download This program secures your files against virus attacks and computer crashes.
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This week I'm presenting a roundup of some wonderful backup programs. All of them are good, but you can take the time to see which one meets your needs. Enjoy.

Handy Backup, by Novosoft, LLC., is a powerful program for backing up your data. At the same time, I found it extremely easy-to-use and intuitive. It gives you a variety of options as to where you'll backup your data and I like that. You can backup to a CD, a DVD, an Internet site, or a location on your network. It also has support for plug-ins that give you some real flexibility and power. The plug-ins make it easier to backup things like the Windows Registry, ICQ, and Microsoft Outlook. It keeps a log of everything you do, lets you drag and drop from Windows Explorer, and lots more!

Handy Backup comes with ZIP compression that's integrated right into the program. At the same time it also has support for 128-bit encryption, so your stored data is always safe. One feature that I really liked was the fact that the program supports "spanning" of discs. That means that if your data exceeds the size of your first CD, your backup doesn't just stop. Instead, the program prompts you to give it another CD. With this feature, you can have huge backups and have them span multiple CDs. Very slick! Handy Backup also has a nifty scheduler which I found to be extremely flexible. It also gives you an option to do your backups when you log off your computer or when you log on. A nice option to have. The program also puts an icon in your system tray, shows you its progress, and works nicely in the background.

Handy Backup, by Novosoft, Inc., is a nicely engineered piece of software. It also comes in a variety of "flavors." You can try the Standard, Professional, or Server editions. Pick the version that's right for you and best fits your needs. This program is really easy-to-use and perfect for users with all levels of experience. Give it a try for yourself, I recommend it.

WinBackup, by Uniblue Systems, is a backup utility that's extremely well-done! The interface is intuitive and extremely easy-to-use and that makes it perfect for both new and experienced users. And while it's easy-to-use, it's still loaded with impressive features. The program allows you to make regular backups of all your most important files and I can't stress enough just how important it is to keep your data backed up. WinBackup Standard will let you schedule automatic backups so they can run while you're not using your computer. You can backup to a wide range of media including hard drive, network drive, ZIP drive, CD, DVD, and more. WinBackup Standard utilizes file compression to make each file smaller. That means you can get more on each disc. At the same time it keeps your data secure, allowing you to encrypt it with either 128 or 256-bit encryption. And, if that weren't enough, the program even lets you password protect your backups. Want to know how your last scheduled backup went? No problem because the program keeps a complete log of its activities. Very slick! Another excellent feature is that WinBackup Standard will do an estimate and calculate the approximate size of your backups that use compression. The program works quickly and efficiently and also works very well in the background. In several of my tests I had it backing up while I worked and it did an impressive job.

WinBackup, by Uniblue Systems, is a backup utility thats both powerful and secure. You can password protect against unauthorized access and encrypt your data. Backups can be scheduled for different times and the program runs very well in the background. It backups up to a wide range of media, utilizes compression to save space, and keeps detailed logs of what it does. And yet, with all the things it provides, the program is still very intuitive and easy-to-use! I've evaluated a number of backup utilities, and for my money WinBackup Standard is one of the best I've tried. There's also a Pro version you may want to check out. So, if you've been meaning to backup all of your valuable data, don't waste another minute. Give WinBackup Standard try -- I think you'll be impressed!

NovaBACKUP is a powerful program for backing up your computers. The program is loaded with features, but it's also very easy-to-use. The program is intuitive and I think it's perfect for users with all levels of experience. You can use NovaBACKUP to backup you desktop PC, your laptop, and even your home network. In testing it I backed up three (3) computers on my network and the program worked perfectly. You can backup to external hard drives, DVD, CD, tape drive, and more. The program is really flexible. NovaBACKUP makes it easy to both backup and restore any computer. The program even has a Disaster Recovery function that makes it easy to restore your system if you have a hard disk crash. All you have to do is boot with the recovery disk and NovaBACKUP restores every single file. I can say "every single file" because NovaBACKUP also has the ability to backup open files. That means that every file is included in a backup even ones that you're working with at the time. Slick!

NovaBACKUP has a built-in scheduler so you can have your backup run anytime you want. With incremental backups you can backup just the files that have changed or new files. If you like your backups can also be scanned for viruses. NovaBACKUP also has a function that simply copies files to a backup area. That means that each file is in it's original format.

SyncBack is a powerful backup solution that's also extremely easy-to-use. It's also FREE. In working with the program it didn't take me long to decide that it was a cut above similar products. In addition to backing up the program can also be used to synchronize computers. The interface is clean and intuitive and the program is perfect for both new and experienced users. SyncBack has a wide range customizable features and I always like that. The program makes backup easy. SyncBack can backup your important data to hard drives, network drives, external hard drives, DVD, CD, and even to FTP sites. It can backup files that are locked or open so you can be sure every file is backed up. It's quick and easy to create a backup profile and the program takes you through the process step-by-step. At each step there is built-in help so that if you don't understand something you can get help then. In many programs you'd have to quit and go find out what something meant, but not in SyncBack. The help is right there when you need it. Slick!

SyncBack lets you schedule your backup profiles to run or you can run them with a mouse click. Restoring is just as easy. The program also allows you to create groups of profiles and this is a very handy feature. The program is loaded with handy features and extras to the point that you'll find yourself upgrading to SyncBackSE, the full version of SyncBack. This is a backup and sync program that you have to try for yourself.

Macrium Reflect, by Paramount Software UK Ltd. is a beautifully done product that's a full-featured solution for keeping your computer backed up. The program has everything you need including a very handy scheduling function. Macrium Reflect has some innovative features that I really liked. For example, it allows you to save all your backup set definitions in XML format. Cool. Another really cool feature lets you create a rescue CD. That's a powerful feature because if your computer won't boot you can use the CD and then restore your data. Nicely done. Macrium Reflect lets you backup your computer files or you can create complete images of your hard drive. Utilizing images you can easily restore data to an existing hard drive or put all your data on a new hard drive. Slick. Macrium Reflect also uses multiple levels of compression so your backups can take less space. The program is amazingly easy-to-use and is perfect for users with all levels of experience. In testing out Macrium Reflect I found it to be quite fast, even when creating an image file of my drive C. I found that you can replace, or restore if you will, just one file if you want with no hassle at all. It handles full backups as well as incremental and differential versions. Another really cool feature is the ability to create a virtual drive that you can then browse with a file manager. So, for example, I put an image of my drive D over on drive P and was able to just copy files back to drive C. Excellent. Macrium Reflect is another excellent backup solution. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

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