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If you have trouble entering text in your Blackberry device then you need to read all about ReadyWords. It's a real life saver.
Published: Nov 4, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: 10.10

ReadyWords for Blackberry by VirtualViews

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

Note: Since by definition "smartphones" are phones that are also PDA's, the software reviewed here should work with personal digital assistants that are not "smartphones". Check the operating system because we'll be reviewing software for both Pocket PC and Palm devices. -- Editor

First off I have to say that I love my Blackberry 8830. It is without question the best "smartphone" I've ever had. Easy-to-use, east to setup, easy to work with. It does a wonderful job with all my email and I've come to rely on it to alert me when important communications come in. The one area where I have problems, however, actually has nothing to do with the Blackberry. It has to do with me. Unlike most teenagers or even my daughter Kadee, I can not enter text into my device at light speed. And not just the Blackberry, but any device I've owned. I can do "okay", but I'm certainly not going to win a texting contest. I'd be embarrassed to even enter one. So, when I found ReadyWords I was really excited. Why? Because ReadyWords provides me with pre-configured phrases that I can use quickly and easily. The program comes configured with some basic default categories. These include things like Greet, Acknowledge, Location, Inform, Question, and so on. Each category have a bunch of phrases already defined. All I have to do is activate ReadyWords from within an email, or any application, and I can select from any of these text phrases that are ready to go. Okay, those of you who are laughing can stop right now. It was a big deal to me. What was even better is that I can edit existing phrases and add new ones of my own. You can also add categories. So, for example, I created a category called "Groceries" and in this category I put phrases that pertain to going grocery shopping. Eggs, bread, milk, apples, lunch meat, and the like. This mede it really easy for me to make up my shopping list. I also created a category for putting different signatures in emails. Using ReadyWords I can do emails, text messages, and notes much faster on my Blackbery 8830. It gives me the flexibility to insert chunks of text and then key in the words in between. I've actually sent a number of messages using only phrases contained in ReadyWords. So, if you have a Blackberry device and you'd like a little help with text entry, this is your solution.

  • ReadyWords
  • Version: 1.1.2
  • System Requirements: BlackBerry OS 3.8+
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