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FileStream Turbo Browser is a powerful file management program that makes it easier to with with photos, documents, and lots more.
Published: Jan 6, 2008
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Download This Digital Photo and Document Manager lets you edit and organize files all in one place.
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FileStream TurboBrowser, by FileStream is a powerful utility for managing all of your files. This program has has constantly improved over the years and it's become a real power house. The program has lots of features that lend it to dealing with digital photos. One of these is called the "Digital Darkroom". Here you can do all kind of quick fixes to your photos like adjust color, remove red-eye, and lots more. What I liked about this function was that it made it easy to quickly fix up a photo without having to load a "paint" program or some other software. You can see a problem in a photo and go in and fix it on the spot. In testing it out I used it on some of our pictures from out trip to Ireland and it worked perfectly. Another great feature in Turbo Browser is the ability to do things in batches. That is a powerful feature because many similar programs don't have it. You can rename files, resize files, print files, and lots more in batches large or small. That's an amazing feature to have, trust me. Ahh, but don't think that you have to use FileStream Turbo Browser just with photos because it's a full-featured file manager. You can also use it to manager all of your documents including Word, Excel, PDF, and even PowerPoint. Here again the program makes it easy to manage all your files. You can use FileStream TurboBrowser to organize documents, print them, and even tag your favorites. In testing it out I found this to be a really powerful feature because I could "flag" the files I used most. Slick.

Speaking of documents you can view a huge number of file formats in FileStream TurboBrowser. If this was all you got it would be worth the price of registration, but there's more. (Hmm, that sounds like an infomercial.) This product has lots of extra features. With Turbo Browser you can upload files to your Web site from within the program. How many file managers let you do that? Not many. Oh, and if you see a mistake in a file you can also edit it within the the program. Fix up your text, your HTML, and be on your way. How about burning a CD or DVD of your photos or documents? Yep, FileStream Turbo Browser can do that as well.

FileStream Turbo Browser is a powerful, full-featured file manager in every sense of the word. It's easy-to-use and intuitive, perfect for both new and experienced users. It has features that similar products don't have that make it stand out from the rest. I like it so much that it's not only a Pick, but I'm also making it a Dr. File Finder Favorite and in 25 years of looking at software there haven't been many of those. So, if you want to manage your photos, music, and documents with power and ease, give FileStream Turbo Browser a try. I recommend it!

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