How To Protect Your Sensitive Data

The advancement of the latest technologies has made it incredibly easy for the sensitive data to be stolen effortlessly unless you take proactive measures to protect your private information. Learn how to use Dekart Private Disk.
Published: Nov 13, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Protect Your Sensitive Data

by Maria Chitul of Dekart

How to protect your data against theft, viruses and other threats?

The advancement of the latest technologies has made it incredibly easy for the sensitive data to be stolen effortlessly unless you take proactive measures to protect your private information. Any person�s valuable private data must be protected. Even if you do not run your own business that risks millions, if internal information leak takes place, you still possess information that is of a great interest to a data thief. Your credit cards numbers, financial account data, social security numbers, your online banking passwords � all these can be very easily used against you if they get into wrong hands.

If you store some of your sensitive data on a thumb drive, the risks of data loss or identity theft are getting even higher, since the thumb drive can be easily lost or stolen. If your PC is connected to the Internet, you may also fall a victim of a virus or a worm attack that could damage or send the data to a third party. Instead of leaving your data protection up to fate and standard Windows measures, we suggest a solution that protects your data from theft and viruses, both - at home and on the road. Dekart Private Disk

What is Private Disk?

Dekart Private Disk is a software tool that protects personal files and programs from theft or accidental loss. It creates an encrypted partition where the files are stored and can only be accessed by a person who knows the password. Dekart Private Disk works in an easy and seamless manner, both on your PC and on portable hardware, such as a thumb drive, flash memory, laptop or an iPod. You don�t need any technical skills to start using it, the software is logical, intuitive and easy to use for everyone. One of the program�s unique concepts is Disk Firewall, a tool that provides application-level access control to the encrypted disk. Disk Firewall maintains a white list of trusted applications which are allowed to access the encrypted disk. If the application is not among the trusted ones, it will simply be blocked. This not only guards the data against malware and virus attacks, but also prevents the files from being copied or otherwise manipulated.

How the data protection works with Private Disk?

Easy! After you�ve installed and run Private Disk, click the �Create� button to create an encrypted image (it can be any file with any extension you like and of the size you need). After the file is created, you can connect it just like another system disk which you can access from �My computer �. To make this disk invisible just click the "Disconnect" button. After you disconnect the disk, the data it contains will be inaccessible and unreadable to anyone. You can define the list of programs allowed to work with the encrypted disk to ensure the complete protection of the data.

If you store only text information on your encrypted disk, you will only allow word processors such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer to access the files; feel sure that no other program (including hidden malware) will be able to sneak on the disk while it�s mounted. If you need to use your sensitive files while you�re on the road, you can copy the encrypted disk to your thumb drive and launch the software directly from there. The files will be with you wherever you go, and your data safety is guaranteed.

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