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EnjoyMyMedia Netcasting Transmitter gives everyone a safe and easy way to share photos and files with friends and family.
Published: Nov 8, 2007
Author: Tucows Editorial Staff
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Shareware Spotlight

In The Spotlight: EnjoyMyMedia

by Michael Schnur of EnjoyMyMedia

The EnjoyMyMedia Personal Broadcasting System is the simplest, safest, most convenient way for friends and family to keep up with your life.

EnjoyMyMedia lets users share an unlimited amount of personal media simply by downloading and installing the free EnjoyMyMedia Transmitter software. A wizard helps you select folders to Netcast and invite friends and family to subscribe to your RSS-based channels. Your media are transmitted to EnjoyMyMedias On Demand locker so they are available 24 x 7, even when your computer is turned off.

When a file is saved or changed in these otherwise normal folders, EnjoyMyMedia automatically updates subscribers channels, such that a click will always transmit the current media. Any kind of digital file, including photos, videos, music and documents can be Netcast to only the people you choose.

Subscribers need not install any software and EnjoyMyMedia channels can be accessed live on or in My Yahoo, iGoogle, myAOL, Microsoft Vista Sidebar, Nintendo Wii, smart phones, Facebook, current Internet browsers or any other RSS-compliant system.

To watch a video on how it works, Click Here


EnjoyMyMedia is the first consumer-friendly system that turns personal computer folders into private broadcast channels for ongoing, regular communication:

  • Privacy: Only family and friends that users specifically invite can access a channels media. To ensure privacy, the media is password-protected.
  • Auto-Conversion to Subscriber-Friendly Flash Video: When users save camcorder videos to their Netcast folder, they are automatically converted into the subscriber-friendly Flash format. Unlike the original camcorder video file, subscribers can start viewing Flash video without waiting for the whole file to download: one GB video starts playing just as quickly as 10 MB.
  • One Click, Scan to Channel: Many of the most important mementos that users want to share are on paper: old family photographs, childrens drawings, report cards, awards, stories and more. With just one click, users can scan images directly into their channels from any Twain-compliant scanner or multifunction machine connected to their PC.
  • Personal media on your computer and personally relevant media online: Links for medical information at WebMD, your amateur video on YouTube and your favorite TV shows at NBC.com.
  • A little or a lot: there are no limits on the aggregate amount you can privately share.
  • Safe Forwarding: With Safe Forwarding, users can choose to permit a channels subscribers to forward media to their own friends and family. Upon forwarding, the media is automatically placed into a new channel thereby ensuring EnjoyMyMedias privacy and tracking controls will apply. Unlike e-mail forwarding, Safe Forwarding provides users the ability to control and monitor their personal media as it is redistributed.

Personal Broadcasting is more a communications than social networking tool; it won't help you make new friends but will help you stay in better touch with the ones you already have.


About EnjoyMyMedia

EnjoyMyMedia, the worlds first personal broadcasting system, provides the safest, simplest way to stay regularly connected to family and friends. EnjoyMyMedia broadcasts personal multimedia photos, videos, audio, documents or any other files over the Internet in live, private channels only to friends and family. EnjoyMyMedia ensures privacy while removing the time-consuming, manual tasks previously associated with sharing media.

EnjoyMyMedia turns the act of saving a file into a way to stay in touch, and is the safest and simplest way to keep friends and family updated not just with ad hoc, special occasions, but with ongoing, everyday life. If you can save a file or click a link, you can use EnjoyMyMedia. To learn more, go to www.EnjoyMyMedia.com.

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