How To Share Your Life Easily with EnjoyMyMedia

With EnjoyMyMedia Netcasting Transmitter you can easily and safely share all of your photos and more. Read all about it.
Published: Nov 19, 2007
Author: Tucows Editorial Staff
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Share Your Life Easily With EnjoyMyMedia

by Michael Schnur of EnjoyMyMedia

How one adventurous couple stays in touch

Sarah and Lloyd R. of Newburyport, MA are going on a trip of their lifetime. For their 40th anniversary, the are going on an adventure that will take them to ten destinations in twenty eight days including Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, and Fiji. Although the couple is going by themselves, a dozen of their closest friends and relatives will automatically receive private daily RSS feeds from their EnjoyMyMedia Transmitter.

Sarah downloaded the free Transmitter onto her laptop and with the step-by-step Broadcast Channel Wizard she was ready to Netcast (broadcast over the Internet) to her loved ones within minutes. "I created a sample Channel to make sure everyone was able to subscribe. I was surprised how easy it is to use. I won't have to do anything special, simply save my photos and videos on my computer as usual. But thanks to the EnjoyMyMedia Transmitter everyone at home will be able to see them within minutes, even after I've gone offline!"

Creating new channels is quite easy. Simply open the EnjoyMyMedia My Channels Console and click New. Follow the instructions from the Wizard and you can select any folder on your computer to Netcast or create a new one. Every time the files in the folder change, those subscribed to it will automatically see the updated versions.

Lloyd adds, "The file sizes are no problem, with the Premium Netcasting Service 40GB of our media is available On Demand to our subscribers (e.g., media is accessible 24X7 even if our PC is off). Even with our HD camcorder and 12.4 megapixel camera, we can share plenty of our trip's memorable moments."

Sarah and Lloyd can also give detailed descriptions of the media they are Netcasting and subscribers can have spirited discussions about each item as well. "We looked at other media sharing sites," added Lloyd. "Between the simple, ease-of-use, strong privacy protections [only the people you invite can view your media] and ability to share photos, videos, documents and web sites, it really fit our needs."

"The neat thing is that we travel a lot," said Sarah. "This will always be a means for us to stay in touch with everyone, no matter where in the world we are. We can even use our laptops built in web cam to record a daily video diary entry which we'll include in our channel."

The EnjoyMyMedia Transmitter is free to download. Both the Private Netcasting and Premium Netcasting services are free to subscribers and allow Netcasters to share unlimited amounts of their personal media. The Private Netcasting Service is free and keeps up to 200MB of media available On Demand. The Premium Netcasting Service is ad-free and offers a choice of 10GB of media available On Demand for $4.99/month or 40GB of media On Demand for $9.99/month.

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