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I'm a big fan of services that do just one thing and do it well, quickly, and easily. The simply-named improveyourimages.com is just one such service, and it does what you'd guess: Improves your images, one by one.
Published: Jan 2, 2008
Author: Jordan Running

Many people don't realize that their images could use improvement, but most can. Photos taken with camera phones and point-and-shoot digital cameras are often underexposed or overexposed or have a color tint, and even high-end digital SLRs aren't immune to bad exposures. improveyourimages.com attempts to correct these problems automatically, in just one step. There are no options, no sliders or dials to set, just a a file upload button, so a tutorial is scarcely needed. Here's all you do: Pick the photo you want to improve--it can either be on your computer or on a public-accessible web site. Go to improveyourimages.com and click on the Browse... button to select the file if it's on your computer, or paste the URL of the file if it's on the web. Then click on the Upload Image or Get Image button, and wait.

Photo by thivierr

After a short while your photo sould appear alongside its improved counterpart. If you like the results, click on Download Improved Image to download the full-sized improved image, and the you can put it to whatever use you like. That's it!

improveyourimages.com is simple as pie, and doesn't give you any control over the results, so it won't always result in vast improvements, but in my tests I've found that it always manages at least a slight improvement in a photo's color, brightness, or contrast. If you do want more control when tweaking your images or want to manage more than one image at once, however, I recommend a desktop program such as Google's free photo organizer Picasa.

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