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SecuBox is a powerful tool for Windows Mobile smartphones for creating secure areas for data. It's also one of Doc's "Favorites" so take a look.
Published: Jun 22, 2008
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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When using smartphones or other portable devices you sometimes need to store data that's sensitive. That's where SecuBox comes in. The program lets you create a secure storage area on your Windows device. SecuBox creates a virtual drive just as if you had another storage card on your smartphone. This is an amazing benefit when you're trying to manipulate data on a smartphone. It may be okay to store music or other files on a storage card unprotected, but some files will need to be treated with care. Using SecuBox you can keep files that don't need to be secure on your physical storage card and keep sensitive data in a SecuBox "disk". A disk can be up to 2 gigabytes in size. Files put into a secure area are immediately encrypted using AES 256- bit encryption. When you need a file it's immediately decrypted so quickly that there is no time lag. SecuBox is extremely easy-to-use and very intuitive which makes it perfect for users with all levels of experience. I really like the ease-of-use because the program makes it easy for you to secure data in just a few easy steps. Nothing complicated or complex about it. SecuBox can also encrypt your removable cards, like MiniSD cards. You can also use it to securely wipe data on your device. I like SecuBox so well that it's not only a Pick, but I'm also making it a Dr. File Finder Favorite and there aren't very many of those. Give it a try for yourself. I recommend it.

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