How to add comments on wepages with iComment

The iComment button for Internet Explorer and Firefox allows you to post your comments, experiences, viewpoints, and opinions anywhere on the Internet.
Published: Apr 1, 2008
Author: Mark Ismasch
Related OS: 2k / XP / Vista
If you've ever been stung you know how bad it feels. I've had it happen to me on eBay. I paid a guy with a great eBay rating only to find his account was hijacked by one of those email scammers that sent a official looking email that asks the eBay account holder to login. Then once you log in they steal your password, change it, and take over your account. When I lost $248 I wanted to tell other eBay users. But there was no way to do it. Until now.

The iComment button for Internet Explorer and Firefox allows you to post your comments, experiences, viewpoints, and opinions anywhere on the Internet. On any Web page. With the button I was able to go to eBay.com and post what happened. Within minutes I was receiving private messages right through the button. People were adding to my comment boxes and telling me about their experiences. I've made several new contacts.

You can use the button do leave comments all over the net. You can attach comments to text, pictures or the overall Web page. Comments appear as non-intrusive note icons that reside all the way to the right of the Web page so they are out of the way. Hover your mouse over one and it shows you the text or the picture that the comment is about. Then click it and it opens. You can private message the person that wrote a comment or add to their comment.

To add a text comment, simply highlight (swipe) some text on the page. Then right click and select Add iComment from the menu (or you can click the iComment button in the toolbar) and the editor opens.

Write your comment, add your style, font, color and click OK. The comment will immediately appear to the right of the highlighted text. The process for a picture comment is about the same. You just right click on the picture and select Add Picture iComment. Overall page comments always appear as the first comment a the top right hand corner of the page. To add a page comment, click the down arrow next to the iComment button so the menu appears. Select Add Page Comment and the text editor will open.

You can also quickly add to any existing comments by clicking the Add Comment button at the top of the comment box.

To learn more about how to use is you can view the demo Here or the Quick Start Guide at: Here

My daughter is using it to add comments to her friend's social network pages. My youngest son is commenting back and forth with some new friends on Disney's Penguin site. With the election coming I'm on a comment writing spree. I'm letting everyone know how I feel about the candidates. I also used it to rate a movie I went to, and to get help with a technical question that saved the day when my computer wouldn't boot. My wife is using it all over the celebrity sites like TMZ. Britney Spears is getting commented from all ends.

iComment adds a new enjoyable layer or dimension to the Internet that is badly needed. A new means of communication. The upcoming release will have private commenting where you can leave comments for yourself, people on your buddy list, or groups of people. This will be great for teachers who want to leave Web homework assignments. Imagine the many uses for corporate America.

You can download the software by clicking on the Download button under the "Software that can help" table at the beginning of this article.

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