Picks: Reviews of Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization, All In One Keylogger, DietOrganizer, and PS Hot Folders.

Picks: Reviews of Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization, All In One Keylogger, DietOrganizer, and PS Hot Folders.
Published: Dec 31, 1997
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization, by Heatsoft Corporation is a cool utility for synchronizing folders and files between computers. In testing it out I synchronized drives on the same computer and on drives on another computer on my network. The program works very well and is quite fast. It has an intuitive interface and is easy-to-use so it's perfect for both new and experienced users. I've tested a lot of similar programs and I was impressed with how quick Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization was in syncing up two large directories. The program compares the directories and clearly shows you the differences between the two. This is shown in the screen shot. Files in one folder that need to go one way are in green, while files in the other folder that need to be copied are in blue. It makes it easy to see exactly what needs to by synchronized. The program can look at things like file size, date, and time to help you get exactly the results you want. Another really nice feature is the ability to completely exclude a folder from the synchronization process. This is really handy when you may have sub-folders that you don't want to be synchronized. Slick. You can also preview the synchronization, create a sync report, and you can even alter date and time stamps. This can be a great feature for dealing with future file synchronizations. In addition, Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization shows you a pie chart of your disk space usage. Cool. So, if you're looking for an efficient way to synchronize files and folders, this may be your solution. Check it out.

System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista

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All In One Keylogger, by Relytec is a program that records everything that transpires on your computer. Please note: I personally don't like spying on people and I never spied on my own children. I'm reviewing this product, however, because I had numerous requests from parents. -- Doc. Once the program is installed it's not detectable to the user. It records every keystroke, monitors emails, instant messages, and Web pages that were visited. The program actually takes screen shots of Web sites and notes the time the site was visited. Amazingly, it can even record sounds through your PC's microphone. If you really want to spy on someone this is certainly a product you can use to get all the gory details. Your children won't know the program is running and All In One Keylogger can email you reports or you can sign in to view the logs at the computer. If you like the program can even send reports via FTP. The program could also be used to monitor the activities of employees. So, if you have someone you want to spy on, take a look at All In One Keylogger. It is a full-featured solution.

System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP

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DietOrganizer, by 3Company is a product I found because someone asked me about keeping a "diet diary" to share with their doctor. What's cool about DietOrganizer is that it helps you keep a diet diary and it does a lot more as well. For example, you can use it to monitor your exercise and keep a journal. By writing about your activity it can inspire you to do more. You can monitor calories, track what you eat, and more. DietOrganizer also allows you to keep track of your body measurements so you can easily see your progress. I was impressed by the amount of data the program has. There's an extensive listing of foods that you can select from. For each food it shows you the size of the portion, the number of calories, the amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. That makes it easy to monitor what you're eating and make revisions. One feature I really like is that the program keeps track of your most frequent selections. In this way the items you select most are also easiest to find. If you like, you can also use DietOrganizer to create stock meals. So, for example, say I often have a poached egg, two slices of toast with jelly, and a glass of milk I can speed up the process of entering it as a menu item that I can just select. Really very slick. DietOrganizer is really a full- featured program for monitoring diet, exercise, and lots more. So, if you'd like some help watching what you eat, this may be your solution. Check it out!

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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PS Hot Folders, by 3Company is a cool utility that makes it so much easier to get at files and folders. It lets you get past all of the nonsense so you can easily Open, Browse, or Save As. You configure the program to work with the folders you want. As you work with the program you can refine your categorization because it isn't cast in stone. In testing it out I started out using just some basic folders I use for Editorial here on Tucows and the SIAF. Now, the program puts an icon in the system tray and in the open, browse, and save as dialogs of every program. In the screen shot, taken on my computer, I highlighted, in yellow, a little orange square that's in the Save As dialog in my text editor. Clicking on the orange square gives me instant access to the folder I want to get at. So, it doesn't matter what folders Windows have presented me with. One mouse click and I can see my Hot Folders another click and I select one and my document is save where I want it to be. I love it. I more than love it. I tested it in multiple programs including the Boxer Text Editor, Word, Excel, FastStone Capture, and several more. In each one there was the little orange square in the dialogs that took me to the folder I wanted. Yes, you can also use it from the icon in the system tray, but I liked using the one in the dialog. Now, if you want, you can even assign hot keys to your hot folders and this worked well also. One of the key things is that you must read the welcome tour! That tells you how to go about setting up your groups, adding folders, assigning hot keys, and so on. So, read it. You'll find that once you get going with the program you can go in and make modifications to suit yourself. I went in and added some separators between different groups of folders. This, in my estimation, is a very clever product and I'm making it a Dr. File Finder Favorite and those are few and far between. This is a program you have to try. Wow!

System Requirements: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista

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