How To Use Automation Anywhere's Web Data Extraction Capability

Learn how to use Automation Anywhere to automate data extraction from the Web.
Published: Aug 11, 2008
Author: Avanti Thairiani
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Use Automation Anywhere's Web Data Extraction Capability

by Avanti Thairiani of Tethys Solutions

This article explains how you can use Automation Anywhere to automate data extraction from the web.

What is Web Data Extraction?

With the influx of information and data on the web, it is becoming essential for businesses to download this data to make business decisions. Most of the data on the net can be classified into structured data and unstructured data. Web Data Extraction is the process of retrieving data structured and unstructured data from the net.

Ways of Data Extraction:

There 2 ways to extract data from the web:

1. Manual

2. Automated

Manual extraction of data is time consuming, requires lot of man-power and man-hours and is tedious leading to errors in extraction. Automated web data extraction on the other hand is devoid of all the drawbacks of manual extraction.

The Automation Anywhere method of Web Data Extraction: This method has the following advantages:

1. Automates data extraction even with the changes in the web page.

2. Extraction can be scheduled to run at convenience

3. Data Confidentiality is maintained

4. No reliability on outside sources

5. Reduces errors and man hours required.

How to extract data using Automation Anywhere?

Let’s take an example to extract tabular data from a website. This video shows how to extract tabular data from a website using Automation Anywhere.

  • 1. Record the task using Web Recorder and specify the URL of the website from which you want to extract data.
  • 2. The web pages are made up of tables. Click on 'Extract Table' as shown in the demo and then click on the table you want to extract.
  • 3. Specify the file in which you want to save the extracted data and then stop recording. Data can be also appended to an already existing file.
  • 4. Save the task and run it. As the task runs, it will launch the website, navigate to the right page and will extract the data into a file.

The task can be run as many times as required and whenever needed.

With Automation Anywhere you can extract the data into a text file, a database like MY SQL or Oracle or Excel. You can also insert the extracted data into another webpage, application or legacy systems like mainframes.

If you want to schedule the data extraction, you can use the Automation Anywhere schedule tab. You can schedule your data extraction few times a day, once a day, specific days of the week and more.

Automation Anywhere's intelligent SMART Technology allows for changes in the website and does not hamper running of tasks created. It not only allows structured data extraction but also unstructured data extraction from the website.

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About Avanti Thairiani

Avanti Thairiani is Product Marketing Manager for Tethys Solutions (http://www.tethyssolutions.com), leaders in automation software. Automation Anywhere is designed to let you visually create, execute and manage your automation. For more information visit http://www.tethyssolutions.com/web-data-extraction.htm

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