Shareware Spotlight Featuring WhizFolders Organizer Deluxe

WhizFolders Organizer Deluxe - a versatile outliner and note-taking program for Windows. WhizFolders is featured in this week's Shareware Spotlight.
Published: Aug 18, 2008
Author: Al Harberg
Related OS: Windows
Shareware Spotlight

In The Spotlight: WhizFolders Organizer Deluxe

by Al Harberg of DP Directory

Create, Manage and Cross-Link Your Notes and Ideas with Drag & Drop Ease

WhizFolders at a glance:

WhizFolders Organizer Deluxe 6.1 from AvniTech Solutions is a powerful Windows information organizer and outliner for professional writers, researchers, educators, and business people who need to track large amounts of information. With WhizFolders, it's easy to create, manage, retrieve, and link to all of your information. Unlike PIMs or word processors that offer note-taking functions as afterthoughts, WhizFolders Organizer Deluxe delivers the power that demanding users need to outline, organize, and retrieve essential information.

WhizFolders' approach to outlining is different from that which you'd find in a text editor or word processor. WhizFolders makes it simple to work with the outline tree, without getting bogged down in the detailed information found in each individual item. This makes it easy to rearrange the outline, and combine multiple notes into a single print document. You can even export the outline to Microsoft Word's outline format. Each document can contain thousands of notes, with all information being retrievable instantly. The convenient two-pane layout gives you immediate access to both the hierarchical outline of note titles on the left, and the contents of each note on the right. In addition, there's a powerful built-in text editor that lets you open multiple notes simultaneously in separate tabs while you manipulate, spell-check, and edit your text. You have complete control over the font size, color, and style. It's easy to insert pictures or OLE objects.

The versatile interface lets you use drag-and-drop, clickable icons, a context (right-click) menu, and keyboard shortcuts to perform just about any operation. Moving individual or blocks of items in the outline section is simple and intuitive.

WhizFolders Organizer Deluxe makes it easy to link notes together. You can use any text in any note to create a hyperlink to other notes, in any of your documents. Typing a web address automatically creates a hyperlink. Combining hyperlinks and notes allows you to create a powerful, customized bookmark system that gives you one-click access to web sites, notes, and any documents on your computer.

To help researchers capture information, WhizFolders Organizer Deluxe includes a "Watch the Clipboard" function. Turn it on, and each time you copy information from the Internet, or from any source, the program will capture and store the information as a new note, using the first few words of the copied text as the note's title.

WhizFolders Organizer Deluxe offers flexible printing options to make it easier for writers, researchers, teachers, and business managers to archive their information. You can print individual notes or groups of notes. You can even combine multiple notes into a single print document. The program automatically prints a table of contents. You can insert headers and footers, force page breaks between notes, and perform many advanced printing functions.

The program lets you easily import and export information. You can break incoming text into individual topics, and import them as separate notes. It's simple to export topics in comma-delimited format, drag and drop files from Explorer, and export text to HTML format, complete with hyperlinks. By distributing the free WhizFolders Viewer, you can share entire notes files with colleagues who don't own WhizFolders Organizer Deluxe. This same Viewer lets you turn your notes into electronic books (eBooks), and distribute them.

I've been using the Pro version of WhizFolders since January of 2006 to organize my software marketing newsletters, as well as the articles that I write for magazines and newsletters. I've compiled thousands of notes on marketing, sales, and business topics. WhizFolders makes it easy for me to store my notes intelligently, and to retrieve them easily, even when the naming conventions that I'd used to store the information were uninspired.

I've recently upgraded from the $39(US) Pro version to the $80 Deluxe version. I'm looking forward to the time-saving additional features of the Deluxe edition, including: assigning keywords to topics and to selected text; using templates to insert boilerplate text wherever I need to; inserting tables into WhizFolders documents; hoisting topics (displaying only the topics that I want to concentrate on at the moment); and viewing the outline of my writing, so I can continue to keep everything in the proper order.

Whether you're a writer who needs to organize thousands of scraps of information quickly and easily, a researcher who needs to be able to instantly search your data for the information that you need, a newsletter editor who needs to organize dynamic information each month, or a business manager who needs to keep track of contacts and to-do lists, WhizFolders Organizer Deluxe has the tools that you need.

WhizFolders Organizer Deluxe 6.1 runs under Windows 2000/XP/Vista, costs $80(US) for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely online at http://WhizFolders.com/. The Pro version costs $39(US). You can download a 30-day trial version from HERE. For more information, contact AvniTech Solutions by writing to support@whizfolders.com or visiting http://whizfolders.com/.

About AvniTech Solutions:

Based in Pune, India, AvniTech Solutions develops and markets productivity software for business and home users. In addition to WhizFolders, the company also offers ShowSize, a fast, flexible disk space reporting tool that helps you manage your hard drive space by showing you where your large files and folders are, and more.

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