Picks: Reviews of SolarWinds Exchange Monitor, Photo DVD Maker Professional, WindowSizer, and MaxiVista.

Picks: Reviews of SolarWinds Exchange Monitor, Photo DVD Maker Professional, WindowSizer, and MaxiVista.
Published: Aug 27, 2008
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Photo DVD Maker Professional 7.50, by photo-dvd-maker.com is a nifty solution for all you photo people again who'd like to put your albums on DVD. This is a cool product and it supports a wide range of file formats. This includes MPEG, DVD, MPEG-4, FLV, and more. I have to say that it probably has the most transition effects I've ever seen in one program with well over 300! With that many transitions you can have a lot of photos and not use the same transition twice. This is just a great way to create a photo album that's really dynamic and then be able to view in a number of ways. With Photo DVD Maker Professional you don't just have to watch your photo album on DVD. What's really cool is that you can put your albums on your iPod, your cell phone, your Play Station, and more. People always want to see pictures of my grandchildren so I'm going to use this program to create an album that I can show on my Blackberry. Oh, and you can also put music in your albums. And captions. And pan and zoom effects. When I first picked this program to review I thought it was going to be really straightforward, but I was wrong. Photo DVD Maker Professional is an impressive product that gives you a lot of control over how your photo albums look and feel. You can set the tone with music, captions, and amazing transitions. I like this product so much that it's not only a Pick, but I'm also making it one of my Dr. File Finder Favorites and those are few and far between. If you're into photos and showing them to other, this is your solution. I recommend it.

System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Download Photo DVD Maker Professional 7.50 NOW!

WindowSizer 1.5.1, by David Ross Software is a nifty utility that helps you view multiple windows at once. In testing it out I was impressed by the fact that when I altered the size of one window it altered the size of the others. Cool. Now personally I'm used to working with quite a few programs at once, which is why I started using dual monitors. That allows me to move a window or windows over to monitor number 2 so I can see more than one at a time. With WindowSizer you can work with a couple of windows and they can be right next to each other. The overall effect is to make your desktop more organized. I'm using it right now to work in my text editor, view a Web page, and look something up in my database. The program gives you a range of options as to how you want to have your windows laid out. You can quickly tile them, cascade them, or pick an arrangement from a set if preconfigured layouts. You can use keyboard shortcuts and even exclude certain programs from being arranged by WindowSizer. I also like the fact that you can determine your preferred layout so you can switch to that with a single mouse click. Feeling lazy? Then just click Quick Arrange and the program will arrange your open windows for you. WindowsSizer is a clever program that makes it easier to work with multiple programs on your screen. Give it a try and see for yourself.

System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

Download WindowSizer 1.5.1 NOW!

MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software 3.0.24, by Bartels Media is a powerful utility that allows you to grab some screen space. In testing out the program I used both a laptop and another desktop. What MaxiVista does is allow you to use the screen of another computer as a display. That means if you have a laptop sitting around you can use it to expand the viewing capabilities of your desktop PC. I routinely use two monitors, but it's kind of cool to move a program from the screen of one machine to the screen of another. Another cool feature of MaxiVista is the ability to control up to four PCs with just one keyboard and mouse combination. That's a powerful way to handle multiple computers and it works quite well. In addition whatever you copy into the clipboard can also be shared about all of the computers you're working with. MaxiVista is a powerful solution for anyone who want more screen space or who needs to manipulate more than one computer. Take a look at it for yourself.

System Requirements: Windows 95/2000/2003/XP

Download MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software 3.0.24 NOW!

SolarWinds Exchange Monitor, by SolarWinds is a cool tool for keeping tabs on your Microsoft Exchange server. The program is FREE which is always a plus for many users. SolarWinds Exchange Monitor gives you a way to monitor things like overall performance, server health, amount of free disk space, and much more. SolarWinds Exchange Monitor shows you at a glance the status of your Exchange server. No poking around or digging for information, you can see it clearly. By getting the jump on Exchanger server problems you can really prevent all kinds of problems with your companies calendar and mail functions. SolarWinds Exchange Monitor is intuitive and easy-to-use, perfect for users with all levels of experience. That means you don't need to be a network wizard to understand it. So, if you'd like a way to easily monitor your Exchange server, this may just be the solution you've been looking for. Check it out.

System Requirements: Windows XP/2003/Vista

Download SolarWinds Exchange Monitor NOW!

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