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DriverScanner, by Uniblue Systems, is a powerful utility that makes it easy to keep all the drivers on your PC up-to-date. This is truly a "Must Have Application" for every PC user. Read all about it.
Published: Sep 15, 2008
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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DriverScanner 2009 by Uniblue Systems

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

Another Way To Maintain Your PC

Over the years I've written many articles talking with you about the importance of taking care of your computer. Defragement your hard drive. Clean out the Registry and defragment it. Remove junk and useless files from your computer. Something I haven't talked about much, however, are the little pieces of code that keep all your devices running smoothly. What are those you may ask? Why device drivers. Essentially every chunk of hardware you connect to your computer needs a driver in order to work. Your printer needs them, scanners need them, modems do too. Without the proper device drivers you wouldn't have any sounds or music, no fancy graphics for games and movies. Nothing much really without the device drivers. Now, as it happens, companies are constantly updating drivers to give the device more functions, more features, and to eliminate problems in the original drivers. Well, updating a piece of software is one thing. You can go to the Web site and download a new version or many programs will automatically update themselves. Not so for device drivers. Until now, that is. Enter DriverScanner from the folks at UniBlue Systems.

Stay Up-To-Date!

Now, if you really were motivated you could go out and find updated drivers for all the devices on your PC. It would be a tedious process at best, but it could be done. One driver at a time. With DriverScanner, however, you can check all your drivers with one mouse click! Thats' right, I said one click. DriverScanner goes into action and finds every driver for your PC. It shows you clearly exactly what drivers on your machine are out-of-date.

In the screen shot you can see where DriverScanner has gone through my PC and found 21 drivers out-of date! Yikes, who knew? I obviously didn't. Just too busy to think about drivers. With DriverScanner, however, no one has to be too busy to keep the drivers for their PC right up-to-date. The program works quickly and finds every driver that needs to be updates. It also provides you with a handy Download Driver button that you can use to download the new driver and install it. This is a huge benefit to all PC users. Now you won't have to wander around the Web trying to find updated drivers or worse yet, be stuck using drivers released 3 years ago.

The screen shot above shows you the screen after downloading a few of the outdated drivers. What I really like is that the program doesn't take it upon itself to automatically install every updated driver. It leaves that choice to you which is how it should be.

Providing Sound Advice

Another thing I really like about DriverScanner is the fact that it recognizes that not all updated drivers are necessarily a good thing. Updating certain drivers is a no-brainer and in those cases DriverScanner marks them with a green light. With drivers that might be iffy, they mark with a yellow light. Lastly, if it's possibly risky or dangerous to install a new driver it's marked with a red light. In addition, if you should click on the "Download Driver" button with an entry marked in yellow or red you get a warning dialog rather than the download starting. In this way, DriverScanner is protecting you from blindly updating drivers that might cause your system problems.

Summing It Up!

DriverScanner is a full-featured program that helps you to keep all the drivers on your system up-to-date. It's quick, efficient, and provides you with sound advice. On top of all that it also allows you backup and restore your drivers. That means you have protection in case of a system failure. You could not only reinstall your operating system, but reinstall updated drivers as well. For these reasons and more, DriverScanner is a "Must Have Application" and I'm awarding it the Tucows Editors Choice Award for Excellence. This is a program that is useful for every computer user. Give it a try, it has my highest recommendation.

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