Shareware Spotlight Featuring Auction Sentry Deluxe

Auction Sentry Deluxe - The eBayer Power User's Tool of Choice. Auction Sentry Deluxe is featured in this week's Shareware Spotlight.
Published: Nov 13, 2008
Author: Al Harberg
Related OS: Windows
Shareware Spotlight

In The Spotlight: Auction Sentry

by Al Harberg of DP Directory

Auction tracking, bidding and sniping software for eBay users

Auction Sentry Deluxe at a glance:

Auction Sentry Deluxe makes it easier than ever to find, track and win the auctions you want to win on eBay. Auction Sentry Deluxe will track all of your eBay auctions for you and place your bid just before the auction closes, giving you the best chance of winning - all while you are away from your computer. This last-minute practice, called "sniping", gives you the last shot at the item you want to win, and avoids a "bidding war" that often starts when you bid early. Sniping is the best way to win auctions at the lowest price. Auction Sentry Deluxe will even synchronize your PC's internal clock with eBay's to ensure that your bids are placed exactly when you want them.

Other features include:

A built-in browser to find and view auctions and add them to your tracking list. You can set up a timed bid with the click of a button (no more copying and pasting item numbers).

Conditional bidding or "Bid Groups" for similar auctions. If there are five auctions all selling the same thing, you can set up a Bid Group and Auction Sentry Deluxe will execute last second bids on each one in turn, until you have won one of them. The other pending bids in the Bid Group are cancelled as soon as one of them is won.

Added support for multiple eBay user IDs. Store as many eBay user IDs as you wish in the Deluxe Edition.

Customizable grid with new columns available. With Auction Sentry Deluxe you can customize the grid display to show only the columns you want to see, in the order you want to see them. Additional columns available in the Deluxe Edition are High Bidder, Seller, Buy It Now Price, Bid Group, End Time, Shipping Price and User Notes. Buyer and seller feedback ratings can be displayed as well.

Let Auction Sentry Deluxe track all of your auctions for you, displaying up-to-the-minute information on each auction you are watching. Auction Sentry Deluxe will alert you whenever there is activity on any of the auctions you tell it to watch. If the program has been minimized, it will pop up and display a screen notifying you of the change. You can add auctions to watch one at a time, or have Auction Sentry Deluxe sweep eBay and add all your auctions at once. The software's intuitive easy to use interface takes just minutes to master. Your auctions are organized and displayed in a color-coded grid to indicate whether you are the current high bidder, have been out-bid, or have a snipe bid waiting to be placed.

You can purchase Auction Sentry Deluxe securely for $24.95 at http://www.Auction-Sentry.com.

System Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista

Free trial version:

A 10-day trial version of Auction Sentry Deluxe is available at http://www.auction-sentry.com/download.htm

About Auction Sentry Software:

Since Auction Sentry Software introduced its flagship product in 2001, Auction Sentry has been the top-selling eBay sniping application. Unlike many sniping products that are sold and supported as a side-line from developers with "day-jobs", Auction Sentry Software is a full-time business. When eBay makes a change to their site that affects sniping applications, Auction Sentry and Auction Sentry Deluxe are consistently the first products updated, always in less than 24 hours. Whether you're an eBay hobbyist or professional, we're here to support you.

About Al Harberg

Since 1984, Al Harberg has been president of DP Directory, Inc., a public relations firm that helps software developers use press releases to get publicity and sales.

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