Picks: A Roundup of FTP Clients

Picks: A Roundup of FTP Clients including FTP Voyager, WS_FTP, Cute FTP Home, and FileStream ConcordFTP.
Published: Oct 22, 2008
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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FTP Voyager, by RhinoSoft.com is an excellent FTP client. It's won many awards including both the SIAF People's Choice Awards and the Shareware Industry Awards a number of times. That means it's a favorite with both users, like you, and professionals as well. FTP Voyager is simply loaded with features. When the program is running it monitors the Windows clipboard, so you can copy a file link from a site and the program will start the file download for you. Slick! FTP Voyager also has a built-in scheduler so you can schedule file transfers you want to do for times when you aren't around. This feature lets you automate tasks like updating your Web pages. It has the power to download, upload, delete, and even synchronize files! The program lets you create lists of files for both downloads or uploads. It also supports drag and drop, so you can simply drag files to the interface for transfer. It works extremely well with its sister product Serv-U. With so many cool features it's easy to see why it's a favorite with users and the pros.Check it out!

System Requirements: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista

Download FTP Voyager NOW!

WS_FTP, by Ipswitch, Inc. is a long-time favorite of mine and one of the first FTP programs I ever used. It's a powerful FTP (file transfer protocol) program that's amazingly intuitive to use. I have to say that WS_FTP was one of the very first FTP programs I ever used and I know that I really appreciated the clean, clear interface. This professional version has lots of bells and whistles that the regular version does not have. Just the same, the program is intuitive, easy-to-use, and packs a lot of power under-the-hood. WS_FTP Professional has lots of exciting features, one of which is the ability to backup your computer. I used it to do a backup to my DVD drive and it worked flawlessly. You could also backup to a Web site, an external hard drive, USB drive, and more. Another really slick feature is the ability to totally integrate with search functions like Google. That means you can search for the files you want and WS_FTP will download them for you. You can also use WS_FTP Professional to synchronize machines. Really a lot of power that anyone can use. This really is an impressive program and even if you don't need all the power of the "Pro" version, take a look at the standard version. So, if you're looking for FTP and more you owe it to yourself to check out WS_FTP Professional. I recommend it!

System Requirements: Windows 2000/2003/XP

Download WS_FTP NOW!

Cute FTP Home, by GlobalSCAPE is another FTP program that I used for a number of years. This Home version is a slimmed down version from some of the more high-powered versions. That doesn't mean, however, that Cute FTP Home doesn't have all the power that most users need. The program is both intuitive and easy-to-use, perfect for users with all levels of experience. In testing it out I transferred pages back and forth from one of my Web sites and the program performed flawlessly. It's easy to configure and you can save your favorite entries for quick access. Like all FTP programs Cute FTP Home can both upload and download files and you can use this function in a variety of ways. For example, backup important documents to your Web server where you know they're safe. Many people get caught up in the idea that FTP clients are only for dealing with Web sites and that's not true. Cute FTP Home is perfect for downloading really large files like movies or even songs. Because it's core function is "file transfer" it excels at it. Cute FTP Home can transfer all your data safely and securely by utilizing SSL and TLS. So, if you're looking for a solid, reliable FTP client, this one is a good one to check out. I recommend it.

System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP

Download Cute FTP Home NOW!

FileStream ConcordFTP, by FileStream, Inc. is an FTP client from FileStream, a company I've come to recognize for solid, dependable software. ConcordFTP is perfect for transferring files from you PC to your Web site, and lots more. The program is simply loaded with cool features and even meets the HIPPA requirements for security. Slick. ConcordFTP makes it easy to manage all your files and folders and you won't believe some of the features it has. The one that really blew me away was the built-in HTML/Text editor! Impressive. On top of that there's also an image viewer as well. For me that means being able to modify HTML documents either before I upload them to a site or after I've downloaded them. Either way that feature alone is an amazing time-saver. FileStream ConcordFTP has an "Account Manager" that makes it much easier to manage permissions for a variety of users. And, not only can you transfer your data securely, but you can also encrypt your data with AES encryption to make it even more secure. FileStream ConcordFTP is a powerful, full-featured FTP client that's also easy-to-use. So, if you're looking for a really solid FTP client this is one you should take a look at.

System Requirements: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista

Download FileStream ConcordFTP NOW!

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