How To Reduce Repetitive Typing Each Day

If you want to reduce all of the repetitive typing you do each day the answer is ShortKeys, from Insight Software Solutions. Read all about it.
Published: Oct 20, 2008
Author: Tucows Editorial Staff
Related OS: Windows

Reduce Repetitive Typing Each Day

by Stan Jones of Insight Software Solutions

"How can I reduce the amount of repetitive typing that I do each day?"

The answer is quite simple. Use ShortKeys. Just type a few letters and watch it be replaced with up to 3000 characters of text.

Below are a few easy steps that show how this is accomplished.

  • First select a couple of initial default program settings. Open ShortKeys and click on Options | Preferences | General. Select “Use Suffix Keys” and also the “Retype Suffix Key” option. Click OK to save the settings. The suffix key option requires that you type the shortcut text and then press the Space bar or Enter key to activate the text replacement.
  • In the ShortKeys window, click on the Add ShortKey icon to open the Modify Keys window and start building the macro.
  • Enter a shortcut in the Original ShortKey edit box. This shortcut represents the text typed to initiate the macro.
  • Enter up to 3000 characters in the Replacement Text edit box. The text may be typed, or copied and pasted from another source.
  • Click on the Save and Close button to save the shortkey.

That’s all there is to it. Open another application, type the shortcut and press the space bar to see the replacement text inserted.

You will soon discover a number of items that you type repetitively each day. When you do, quickly create a new shortkey and never type that string of text again. Let ShortKeys do the typing for you. Plus, you won’t have to worry about typos either – as long as you first input the text into ShortKeys error free.

Create individual shortkeys for email addresses, URL’s, contact information, commonly used phrases or responses, boilerplate text and much more.

Click Here to view a video that provides a more in-depth demonstration. Or click Here to view a video that shows how to use ShortKeys with the prefix key option.

Download ShortKeys NOW!

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