How To Create PDF FIles Online

For more than 15 years, Portable Document Format (PDF) files have been the computer industry's standard format for creating and viewing information on all platforms, including PCs, Macs, and UNIX/Linux machines. For years, Adobe has offered a free program that lets you read PDF files. Now there's a web site that lets you turn your text, image, and Office files into PDF files, free. Check it out.
Published: Nov 25, 2008
Author: Al Harberg
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Create PDF Files Online

by Al Harberg of DP Directory, Inc.

Baltsoft has released Free PDF Converter - http://www.freepdfconvert.com/ - an online conversion site that lets business people easily convert Microsoft Office documents, images, web pages, and vector graphics files to PDF documents. Without having to purchase expensive conversion software, or spend days learning to run a complicated desktop conversion application, PDF Converter users can quickly convert a large number of files, effortlessly.

PDF Converter supports more than 70 types of source files, including such popular selections as Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. The resulting converted files are standard PDF files that can be read using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader, or any software that supports the popular cross-platform PDF format. The web site can even convert PDF files into Word documents, or convert them to images, in JPG, BMP, PNG, or TIF formats.

In addition to being able to convert files at no charge, PDF Converter offers additional benefits for an affordable membership fee. Members can convert an unlimited number of files, of any size. The system will even email the converted file back to your inbox. Bulk conversions are supported, by simply creating standard ZIP-file archives containing up to 100 files to be converted to PDF format.

The system contains many additional features that business people will find useful. You can password-protect your files, watermark them, extract tables from PDF files and save them as Excel files, convert Word hyperlinks to PDF links, and much more.

The latest version of Free PDF Converter makes it easy to turn blogs, Internet-based whitepapers, and any Interpages into PDF files. Simply add a tiny Javascript file to your web page, and your web site visitors can create PDF files of that page, with a single click.

Non-members can use PDF Converter's system without charge, for smaller quantities of documents, subject to some restrictions.

I've used www.freepdfconvert.com a number of times, with complete success. Once, a colleague sent me a .PPS file, and I didn't have the software installed to view this PowerPoint file. I let PDF Converter turn it into a PDF file, and I was able to open it immediately with Adobe Acrobat Reader, even though I use an older version of this free PDF reader from Adobe. The conversion process takes about a minute. Simply point to the file that you want to convert, and wait a few seconds. You can download the converted file, or have PDF Converter email it to you.

Monthly membership is available for $9(US) per month. A six-month membership costs $29(US), and lifetime memberships are available for $99(US).

Another new member benefit allows users to send files for conversion using email, instead of using the web interface. Simply attach the files to be converted, and the resulting PDF files will be emailed back after conversion.

Whether you're a sales person who needs to create handouts and brochures in the industry-standard PDF format, a trainer or educator who wants to create documents that can be easily displayed on any computer platform, or a home user who needs to create the occasional PDF file for family and friends, PDF Converter has the tools that you need.

For more information, visit http://www.freepdfconvert.com/.

About Baltsoft Software:

Since 1997, Baltsoft Software has been developing and marketing Windows productivity software for business and home users. In addition to Free PDF Converter, the company also offers Convert Center - http://www.convertcenter.com/ - a free web site that lets you make instant conversions from one unit of measurement to another; General Knowledge Base, a versatile freeform database that makes it easy for business people, collectors, hobbyists, and students to manage their information; MakeSurvey, a powerful interactive survey management system that lets you build, run, and evaluate online surveys; and Encrypt Easy, a security program that lets you encrypt and decrypt files, folders, and entire directory trees, with a single click. For more information, visit http://www.baltsoft.com/.

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