Stacy's Software Pick: GotoCamera: Video Surveillance for the Everyday Webcam

If youíve been looking for inexpensive video surveillance software that can be used with an ordinary webcam, you need look no further!
Published: Mar 20, 2012
Author: Stacy Reed
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GotoCamera Client 6.2.11
Download Award-winning video surveillance service that works with your USB or integrated webcam.

If youíve been looking for inexpensive video surveillance software that can be used with an ordinary webcam, you need look no further! I recently had the pleasure of reviewing GotoCamera's free client software and found myself so impressed with its performance that I wanted to tell you all about it! This award-winning service lets you easily configure recording schedules or set up motion detection that will instantly begin recording and send alerts to your mobile device or email. Because the video recording is web-based, you can view, access and share your cameras or archived videos, and do so from nearly any browser, even mobile! Another remarkable benefit is how quick and easy it is to use. Once installed, the software automatically detects your USB or integrated webcam, and allows anyone, even inexperienced computer users, to go from registration to use in less than five minutes effortlessly!

The practical uses for this service seem limitless; monitor your pets, children or caretakers, keep a watchful eye on your business or neighborhood, survey your apartment while youíre on vacation, deter a vandal, catch a suspected culprit red-handed, or turn the camera on yourself and broadcast live streaming video to your distant friends and family. There's absolutely no need to install expensive, sophisticated cameras or surveillance kits; you donít even need to make any complicated changes to your router or firewall settings. Whatís great is how GotoCamera's basic service is free, but even the premium service costs less each month than a single gallon of gas! Furthermore, the premium plan supports up to four cameras, and you can store files locally on your own computer for added security as well. Itís also nice to know that you can always opt to pay for additional online storage if you ever run low. GotoCamera client software is available for Windows, Mac, iPod and iPad, and whatís more, they offer software that allows you to use your Android mobile phone as an additional surveillance cam. Visit the developer's website and try it out now for free!

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