Stacy’s Picks – FlashGot for Firefox Enhances Single File and Batch Downloads

It’s functional, helpful browser add-ons like this that keep me coming back to Firefox time and again.
Published: Mar 20, 2013
Author: Stacy Reed
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GetRight 6.3c
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It’s functional, helpful browser add-ons like this that keep me coming back to Firefox time and again. FlashGot is a free add-on for both Firefox and Thunderbird that handles single and multiple downloads from websites, and it’s compatible with several third-party download managers and accelerators. You're no longer required to save each and every file one by one, (although, that’s still an available option) because with FlashGot installed, you can easily download multiple selections, grab everything on the page or gallery set - you can even download  everything on every open tab in your browser window - simply with a right-click of the mouse or by hotkey. Additionally, FlashGot provides a toolbar button to activate download commands.

You can configure the add-on to behave according to your personal downloading preferences if you don't use one of the many supported download managers (they do not require further config). Personally, I like GetRight even though it doesn’t include a filter dialog like Firefox's built-in default does. Regardless of which manager you choose, integration is a snap! FlashGot automatically detected that I had GetRight installed.

Whether your intent is to download specific files, entire galleries, web pages, or grab batches of media files, the FlashGot add-on for Firefox and Thunderbird simplifies the process. There’s no longer any need to worry about crashing, losing connection or closing your browser by mistake during download sessions.  Use it for a few days and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Supported Download Managers and Accelerators:

  • Windows
    • BitComet       
    • Download Accelerator Plus       
    • DownloadStudio       
    • FlareGet       
    • FlashGet       
    • Free Download Manager       
    • Fresh Download       
    • GetRight       
    • GigaGet       
    • HiDownload       
    • iGetter       
    • InstantGet       
    • Internet Download Accelerator       
    • Internet Download Manager       
    • JDownloader       
    • LeechGet 2002       
    • LeechGet 2004       
    • LeechGet 2005       
    • Mass Downloader       
    • Net Transport       
    • NetXfer (Net Transport 2)       
    • NetAnts       
    • Orbit       
    • ReGet Deluxe       
    • ReGet Junior       
    • ReGet Pro       
    • Retriever*       
    • Star Downloader       
    • Thunder       
    • TrueDownloader       
    • Uget       
    • Ukraininan Download Master       
    • WellGet       
    • wxDownload Fast
  • Linux
    • Aria       
    • Axel Download Accelerator       
    • cURL       
    • Downloader 4 X       
    • FatRat       
    • GNOME Gwget       
    • JDownloader       
    • KDE KGet       
    • SteadyFlow       
    • Uget       
    • wxDownload Fast
  • Mac OS X
    • Folx       
    • iGetter       
    • JDownloader       
    • Leech       
    • Progressive Downloader       
    • Speed Download       
    • wxDownload Fast

Supported Link Protection and File Hosting Services:

  • chooselinks.com       
  • ftp2share.net       
  • hideurl.biz       
  • link-protector.com       
  • linkbank.eu       
  • linkbucks.com       
  • linksafe.me       
  • lix.in       
  • protectlinks.com       
  • rapidbolt.com       
  • rapidsafe.net       
  • re-links.com       
  • relink.us       
  • rsmonkey.com       
  • rsprotect.com       
  • stealth.to       
  • urlcash.net

File hosting services

  • depositfiles.com       
  • fileserve.com       
  • filesonic.com       
  • hotfile.com       
  • megaupload.com       
  • netload.in       
  • oron.com       
  • rapidshare.com       
  • ul.to       
  • uploaded.to       
  • uploading.com       
  • zshare.com

About Stacy Reed

Stacy Reed is Tucows' resident software librarian and editor. She has been reviewing PC and mobile software as well as web services for over a decade. Helping developers improve and promote their products is only one of her areas of expertise. Stacy is also an advocate for Open Source, Creative Commons and freeware, taking special interest in educational resources, social media, cloud sharing, and mobile technology.

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