Stacy's Picks: Organize and Optimize with CleanMyMac 2

CleanMyMac scans every inch of your Mac and recommends files that can be removed. It uses intelligent algorithms to identify only those files that are 100% safe for deletion
Published: Sep 8, 2013
Author: Stacy Reed
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CleanMyMac 3 3.4.0
Download CleanMyMac 3 helps you clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac.

System maintenance, in years past, could be described as something of a tedious chore. We know it needs to be done now and then in order to keep our computer running efficiently, but when it comes to keeping things organized by cleaning out old, unneeded files and removing unused apps, we have the tendency to put those tasks on the back burner because it requires concerted effort to sort through all that data, and that takes time. Well, there's no reason to risk slow performance by putting it off any longer because current available technology allows you to schedule system cleanup regularly... and complete the task with only two clicks! Word on the street is that CleanMyMac 2 by MacPaw is one of the safest and simplest Mac cleaning utilities on the market, so Tucows' Review Team put it to the test and it earned a 5 Cow Rating!

CleanMyMac scans every inch of your Mac and recommends files that can be removed. It uses intelligent algorithms to identify only those files that are 100% safe for deletion ó files like caches, logs, unused language files and leftover developer junk. Rest assured, vital files will never be flagged for removal. Simple and safe, just as they say! Of course, the software does much more than scan for system junk; it can also find large files you havenít opened in a while, like movies, unpacked archives, and folders. Because you always retain the final decision about which files to keep and which to remove, CleanMyMac simplifies the process by presenting questionable items in a useful, easy-to-navigate display that can be sorted by criteria such as file type, size, and date last opened.

What's more, CleanMyMac's full scan also uninstalls unused or incompatible applications, widgets, and extensions! Anytime you're curious about a specific app, file or folder, simply drag the item into CleanMyMac's interface or onto the software's icon and it will recommend actions you might take to further optimize your computer's performance. Another great feature you're sure to appreciate is the iPhoto Cleanup module (for iPhoto 11 v.9+), which reduces the size of your photo collection by eliminating unnecessary hidden dupes and deleting iPhoto Trash permanently. You can add any photos you choose to keep to the Ignore List so they won't show up in future scans. It's reassuring to know that your valuable photos and keepsakes are safe and will remain properly filed where they belong!

As I mentioned before, you can cleanup automatically with only 2 clicks, or review CleanMyMac's recommendations and clean manually at your own pace. When you encounter a file or folder you'd prefer to remove forever, just drag the item into the Eraser module to quickly dispose of it. Alternatively, you can enable Secure Erase to physically overwrite these files and prevent them from ever being recovered, leaving behind no trace. Again, simple and safe!

If you have external hard drives, consider installing MacPaw's free utility, CleanMyDrive, which can be launched automatically whenever you scan with CleanMyMac so that your external data receives the same scouring treatment! Once you've tested the demo, you'll likely want to schedule regular maintenance sessions to receive reminders on a regular basis in order to recover valuable disk space and keep your Mac running smoothly, reliably, and most effectively. Priced at only $39.95, CleanMyMac is available in 9 languages and can be upgraded from a single-user license to a multipack for up to 5 users. Simple, safe, indispensable! No wonder it's so popular!

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