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Find out why Registry First Aid is one of Doc's favorites.
Published: Feb 19, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Registry First Aid 10.1
Download This program cleans the registry to speed up your computer and stop program crashes.
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A Dr. File Finder Favorite -- Registry First Aid

Registry First Aid, by Rose City Software is a cool tool for clearing all the junk out of the Windows Registry! And if you don't think there's junk in there, think again! Lots of programs simply don't do a good job of cleaning up after themselves. And all that excess baggage comes back to haunt you by slowing your machine down or making it freeze up. Registry First Aid solves that problem by finding all the leftover junk and letting you remove it!

Registry First Aid scans the Registry and looks for entries that point to programs that are no longer there. It looks for orphan folders and files and can remove these as well. And it works really quickly. When it finishes a scan it clearly displays everything it found. Then you can tell the program to eliminate everything OR select just specific things. The program also creates an "restore point" so if you wanted to you could restore the Registry. Pretty slick!

Registry First Aid, by Rose City Software, is a really handy utility that will help keep your registry clean and efficient. It's both safe and easy-to-use. I use it about once a week just to keep all the junk out of my Windows Registry. And, it creates a way for me to be able to restore things, though I've never had to do so. I like Registry First Aid so much that it's not only one of my Picks, but it's also a Dr. File Finder Favorite, and those few and far between. So, to keep your computer running fast and problem-free, give Registry First Aid a try. I think you'll like it!

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