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Dr. File Finder reviews Download Mage, Mass Downloader, ReGet Deluxe, GetRight and Download Wonder.
Published: Jan 30, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Download Mage 1.85c
Download This program lets you download single or multiple links directly from the Web browser.
Mass Downloader 3.9
Download Mass Downloader reliably downloads files from all kinds of Internet sites at the maximum...
ReGet Deluxe 4.2
Download This download manager speeds up the file retrieval process by splitting files into...
GetRight 6.3c
Download Resume, accelerate, schedule, and manage your downloads.

GetRight, by Headlight Software is one of my favorites, and it's the product I use on my computers. I download so many files that I have GetRight start when I start Windows. It's a tool that I've used for years and it's saved me countless times. When my computer locked up, when my Internet connection went down, when I had to reboot in the middle of a file transfer. How did it save me? Well it lets me resume downloads on most sites on the Internet, but it does a lot more as well!

GetRight can also be used to schedule downloads for a later time. So, say you're wandering around the Internet and spy a file you want. Put it in your schedule and move on. You can schedule as many downloads as you want. Later, at a time you determine, GetRight can dial the Internet (if needed), download the files you've selected, and then log off!! Slick! If you want, GetRight will even turn your computer off for you. Another feature that I use routinely involves breaking a file up into multiple parts. So, for example, when I'm downloading a 20 megabyte file, GetRight divides it into four parts so the download goes faster. When the transfer finishes, you have one complete file, ready to use. On servers where you have to use a password, the program will even keep track of them for you, and that's really handy.

GetRight, by Headlight Software, Inc., is a powerful tool for managing downloads on the Internet. It integrates beautifully with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Opera. The program is loaded with features, but it's also very easy-to-use. GetRight is the kind of program that's ideal no matter what your level of experience. It lets you resume downloads that have stopped, whatever the reason. It lets you schedule downloads, pause them and even divide a download between multiple servers. So, if you're on the Internet, and you download files, take at look at GetRight. I give it my highest recommendation! And right now there's beta 6 on the Headlight Software site with even more cool features.

Download Wonder, by Forty Software LLC, is another product that can help all your downloads. It can resume downloads that have been interrupted and that's a huge help. You can download multiple files at one time, download a singe file in multiple parts to speed up the process and more. One slick feature is that you can give each file its own description. That means you can put in information that's helpful to you. You can even put your downloaded files into categories. Nicely done.

Download Wonder will store files that are partially downloaded in a database, which is something I haven't found in similar products. With the portions of files secure in the database you can finish the downloads anytime. Download Wonder has a function for dial-up users that helps keep your Internet connection active so a system doesn't log you off for inactivity. The program makes it easy to print out a list of files you've downloaded. At the same time, the program also helps you to go back to the Web site that a particular file came from. If all this weren't enough, it can even unzip compressed files you've downloaded.

Download Wonder is a download manager with some interesting features. I like the way you can personalize the description of each file, as well as create categories. The program is easy-to-use and has a nice user interface. So, if you're looking for a download manager, this just might be the one you want. See for yourself!

Download Mage, by Kagi, is a download manager with some interesting features. From your Web browser you can elect to download one file or multiple files. The program integrates with Internet Explorer so you can simply right-click over a file you want to download and select the download option from the context menu.

Download Mage also has support for drag-and-drop so you can just drag a file to begin the download. One very cool feature is the programs ability to look inside of ZIP files. You can browse the contents of these compressed files before you download them. And, if you like, you can download certain files from within a ZIP file. What a cool feature. I haven't been able to do that since the days of bulletin boards. The program is very easy to use and quite intuitive. I think you'll like it, so give it a try!

Mass Downloader, by MetaProducts Corporation, is an impressive download manager. This cool program makes it easier to download programs, either individually or in bunches! If you want, you can schedule downloads for non-peak times when the Internet is less crowded. That means your downloads will go faster and be more efficient. You'll find it nice to not hang around and watch your downloads take place. And when you come back, the downloads are sitting in the folder you specified.

Mass Downloader has the ability to view the contents of ZIP files before you download them! Slick! In some cases you can even download certain types of files from within a ZIP file you find online. This is a feature that's not found in all download managers -- very slick! The program has an easy-to-user interface and is great for both new and experienced users. Well worth the download time!

ReGet Deluxe, by ReGet Software, is a high-powered download manager that's loaded with features. It's the big brother of ReGet Junior, which is aimed at newer users, and ReGet Pro which is for average users. This one, however, has it all! In fact, it has so many features that I can't possibly cover them all in this roundup, so I'll try to hit the high points. For one, it has a scheduler which can be really handy when you have a lot of files to download. Pick out all the files you want to download and then schedule the downloads to start when you're asleep. Next time you come back to your computer, all the files you want will be there. Another very cool feature in ReGet is that it actually helps you download go faster by splitting the file you're trying to get. So, for example, if you want to download a 10MB file, the program can split it into four 2.5MB sections and download all of them at once. Very cool!

ReGet Deluxe also maintains a complete history of your downloads. It has a Site Manager which can prove invaluable to the frequent downloader. Another excellent feature found in ReGet Deluxe is the ability to resume file transfers that have stopped, for whatever reason. In 21 years of downloading I've found that few things are more frustrating than to be nearly through a large download and then have something go wrong. With ReGet Deluxe you can restart that 100MB download that quit at 95MB right where it left off! Very slick, and a real time and frustration saver. And there's so much more. If you use a dial-up service, the program will dial for you, download the files you want and then disconnect. If all this weren't enough, ReGet Deluxe also has a powerful search function to help you look for music and other files. Nicely done!

ReGet Deluxe, by ReGet Software, is a powerful tool that's designed to make your online life easier. The built-in scheduler, site manager and history function are perfect for anyone who downloads files from the Internet. It gives you the ability to resume downloads that have quit part way through, and that in itself is a real time saver. With files getting larger and larger, ReGet Deluxe helps make the most of your time with the ability to split files into chunks and download all the chunks at once. Excellent! So, if you download files this is a program you need to try! It can help to make all of your downloading more pleasant and your time more productive! Try it out for yourself and you'll see what I mean!

Well, once again we're at the end of my Picks for another week! I really do hope you enjoyed the Dr. File Finder's Picks Roundup of Download Managers. All of them are excellent programs, and they're among the best you'll find on the Internet. Check them out and see which one might be right for you. Remember, if you try a shareware product and find yourself using it, but sure to pay for it. In this way, the shareware marketing concept works for all of us.

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