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PocoMail, PageGate and more
Published: Jun 2, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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PocoMail 4.1
Download This e-mail program protects users from viruses and spam.
PageGate 5.0.93
Download PageGate allows for network paging or network wide SMS messaging through a combination of...
PocoMail , by Poco Systems, Inc. is a powerful email program that's also extremely easy-to-use. The interface is intuitive and the program also supports the increasingly popular "skins" so you can alter how it looks. PocoMail does all the things most people would expect from an email program .. new messages, reply, forward, attach, and lots more. But it also does some things not found in most other email programs. For one, it won't run scripts, like VBScript, so it basically "immune" to many of the email viruses that go around. On the other hand, it does support HTML. One very cool feature is that it lets you see your email on your email server before you go and fetch it. Very slick!! PocoMail gives you support for multiple accounts so you can use it to handle mail from different places. Another unique feature is the ability to have more than one address book! That's excellent because it makes it much easier for more than one person to use the program. Just sit down and load your own address book and you're ready to go. Another feature that I'm really impressed with is backup. That's right, PocoMail has the ability to back itself up! And restore. Beautifully done! And PocoMail as a whole is just loaded with more features than I have room to talk about. Like it's own scripting, powerful filters for managing your mail, and it even lets you see attachments without using any other program. There's a spell checker, support for drag and drop, and the ability to have more than one "signature" for emails. And to simplify your life, it also offers you an "auto-complete" function not only for email addresses, but also for your message text. Excellent!!PocoMail, by Poco Systems, is a powerful and award-winning email client that has all the features most anyone needs. And it has a host of unique features that set it apart from the pack. This includes things like support for skins, backup and restore, auto-complete, and much more. And, it's the only email program that I'm aware of that has a portable version -- PocoMail PE! Use that on your laptop or a CyberKey. And then, when you get back from a trip, it's a simple matter to get the emails synchronized between your desktop and your portable device. So, if you're looking for a high-powered email program that's loaded with features, yet easy-to-use, give PocoMail a try! I recommend it!
PageGate , by NotePage, Inc. is a powerful program that lets you send messages directly from your computer to cell phones, alpha pagers, numeric pagers, or even PCMCIA pager cards. Slick. And think about tit. Today, so many people have computers. And, so many people also have pagers and cellular phones. So, it only makes sense to be able to send a message from your computer to a pager or cell phone. What a convenience and PageGate makes it so easy! Perfect for large companies or even small businesses. A powerful way to keep in contact with people.PageGate comes with a variety of interfaces that allow you to send messages from email, the Web, a command line interface, and a Windows interface. All of this makes the program extremely flexible and gives you plenty of options. Whether you're an individual or a business, you can have instant communications using PageGate. Extremely well done! And the program is very flexible and I like that. This award-winning program is one you need to try for yourself to truly appreciate it. So, if you need to communicate take advantage of the power of PageGate. I recommend it!
Second Copy , by Centered Systems , Inc. Second Copy, by Centered Systems, is an award-winning utility and has won the SIAF People's Choice Award in the "Best Overall Utility" category a number of times. Second Copy is really the big boy of backup utilities. Let's take a quick look. With Second Copy you can do automatic backups to a variety of devices. Backup to a "Zip Disk", another hard drive, a network drive, and more. The program lets you create profiles, or backup sets, that contain all the information for doing a backup. It's a great way to not only keep a 'second copy' of your important files and documents, but it's a nifty way to back them up. The program actually 'watches' the files you select and notices when there have been changes. When it does, it springs into action and updates everything in the backup location you've selected. Slick! Another feature of Second Copy that I really like is the ability to keep so-called "old" copies of files. It lets me keep documents that evolve over time. Like my science fiction novel. I've been working on it now for awhile and Second Copy allows me to have, for example, different copies of Chapter 20. Very cool. Second Copy is a very handy tool, so take a look! You can never have too many backups and it's an excellent program.
Cool Desk, by Shelltoys,Inc. is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to be doing multiple things at once, without any desktop clutter. If you find yourself running out of desktop space you need to check out Cool Desk - Virtual Desktop Manager This baby gives you up to nine "virtual" desktops to work with. This allows you to have programs loaded and on different screens, thereby avoiding clutter. You can arrange your programs in the various screens and just shift back and forth. Have a text editor in one screen, your browser in another, an image viewer in a third, and so on. The program will remember your setup even if you reboot the computer. Very slick! Cool Desk makes it easy to keep your virtual desktops straight by allowing each to use different wallpaper. The program also supports "skins." And every desktop can have its own icons and get this -- each can actually have it's own resolution! Yes, you heard me right. You can have one virtual screen at 800 x 600 and have the next one at something else. Very cool. The program supports multiple languages, "sticky windows", and it's easy to move from one window to another. Believe me, once you get used to having multiple screens to work with, you'll wonder how you ever got by with just one! Give Cool Desk a try!
That's it for this week. As always, I really hope you like these Picks and take the time to give them a try. All of them are excellent and well worth the download time! I'll be back again next week with more of my Picks from some of the best software available on the Internet. Until then, have a great week, a great weekend, and happy downloading.

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