Doc reviews an image editor, backup tool and disk partitioner

Doc looks at Dekart Private Disk, IrfanView and WinBackup. These are programs that partition your drive, edit images and backup your computer.
Published: Jun 2, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan

Dekart Private Disk, by Dekart is a powerful program that lets you create disk partitions on your computer that are totally encrypted. These areas on your computer are totally secure and provide a place for you to keep any private or confidential data. The program is very easy-to-use and has an intuitive interface. And that makes it perfect for users of all levels of experience. I like the fact that the program is so very easy to work with. Unlike some other encryption programs I've looked at it doesn't baffle you with a lot of mumbo-jumbo. It does what it was meant to do without a huge learning curve for you, and that's cool!Dekart Private Disk is perfect for keeping things that you want to be safe. Each "disk" is really a single, encrypted file that contains all of the things you've put there. Like any hard disk you determine the size of the Private Disk partition. Another really cool feature is that you can create these secure partitions even on removable media like ZIP disks, CDs, DVDs, Compact Flash cards, and more. Heck, I even created one on one of my USB flash "keychain" drives. Very slick and it's just so easy that anyone can use it. You don't need a degree in computers to create secure partitions on removable or fixed media. Nicely done.Dekart Private Disk, by Dekart, is a powerful program that's very easy-to-use. There's a lot of power "under the hood", but even new users will have an easy time working with it. It creates partitions with secure, 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption. And, it lets you create secure areas even on removable media like USB flash drives, CDs, and much more. That gives you true mobility and real security. The program is available in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, and Romanian. So, if you'd have data that you'd like to keep secure, and you don't want to have to hire an expert on encryption, just take a look at Dekart Private Disk. Impressive!
IrfanView, by Irfan Skiljan is an award-winning program that perfect for viewing and manipulating graphics images. And I mean all kinds of images - photos, logos, Web graphics, and more. It's the one that I use whenever I have to do anything with graphics images, and I'll tell you why. For one, it can handle a huge number of file formats,including GIF, JPG, BMP, PCX, TIF, AVI, and lots more. You can use it to put on a slideshow of your graphics images, view animated GIF files, and multi-page TIFF files. You can preview files, resize them, sharpen the image, rotate them, and more. IrfanView also lets you apply a large number of special effects, including emboss, blur, explosion, and creating a 3D button. A truly powerful tool that is perfect for all your graphics. It has support for drag-and-drop, batch conversions of graphics files, and even extracting icons from DLL and EXE files. How cool is that? Very! It also has an option to make it a part of your "Send To" menu. Using this, you just highlight a graphics file and you can send it directly to the program. Very slick! IrfanView, by Irfan Skiljan, has so many exciting features that I could write pages about them. Suffice it to say it's a powerful tool that you owe it to yourself to check out. If you do anything with graphics this baby can make your task easier. This is a beautifully done program and it's also FREE for home use. Check it out!
CoffeeCup Spam Blocker, by CoffeeCup Software, Inc. is a spam filtering program for POP3 mail accounts that's impressive in its simplicity. The program is very intuitive and extremely easy-to-use. That makes it perfect for both new and experienced users. The program gives you the power to monitor and filter the email from multiple accounts, which it does quietly in the background. The program comes with its own SPAM filters which you can easily add to. This segment of the program is quite impressive because it lets you filter on a variety of criteria. Filter by email address, email domain, file extension of a file attachment, words or phrases, and even by country. The program will also let you filter out all emails that use "non-Western" character sets. Very slick! And also quite effective. I was dazzled by how intuitive the program was right out of the proverbial box. CoffeeCup Spam Blocker also helps you to protect all the emails sent by those you want to receive emails from. The program lets you import your addresses from Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, and Outlook Express. Don't use one of those email programs? NO problem, because you can also import all your email addresses from a text file which makes it very easy and flexible! I like that. I often get emails from software authors who are not in my "friends" list and here again, no problem. Spam Blocker makes it easy to add a new email address to your list of friends. And, at the same time, it makes it just as easy to add an address to the list of emails to block. Another impressive feature gives you the ability to determine how an email gets filtered. For example, you can indicate that if any X number of keywords appear in an email then it should be marked as SPAM. And, you can do the same when you add words or phrases of your own. Excellent! CoffeeCup Spam Blocker, by CoffeeCup Software, Inc., Is a powerful program for filtering out junk email, or "spam." The program is very easy-to-use and very intuitive. You can easily add all your friends emails so they will not get filtered. Add new friends while also being able to add new things to the "blacklist." When you've scanned the incoming emails, you can "clear" the display, which means you only have to deal with so many emails at a time -- that's a very nice feature! I was totally impressed with how well the program works. So, if you're looking for a program to help you filter out junk email, this may be just what you're looking for. Give it a try.
WinBackup, by LIUtilities, Inc. is a backup utility that's extremely well-done! The interface is intuitive and extremely easy-to-use and that makes it perfect for both new and experienced users. And while it's easy-to-use, it's still loaded with impressive features. The program allows you to make regular backups of all your most important files. And I can't stress enough just how important it is to keep your data backed up. WinBackup will let you schedule automatic backups so they can run while you're not using your computer. All you have to do is remember to put a fresh CD or DVD in the drive -- WinBackup can use both! And, if you're around when you run your backups you'll be pleased to know that WinBackup can "span" multiple disks. That means you can backup your entire hard disk if you want! WinBackup utilizes file compression to make each file smaller. That means you can get more on each disc. At the same time it keeps your data secure, allowing you to encrypt it with either 128 or 256-bit encryption. And, if that weren't enough, the program even lets you password protect your backups. Want to know how your last scheduled backup went? No problem because the program keeps a complete log of its activities. Very slick! Another excellent feature is that WinBackup will do an estimate and calculate the approximate size of your backups that use compression. The program works quickly and efficiently and also works very well in the background. In several of my tests I had it backing up while I worked and it did an impressive job. WinBackup, by LIUtilities, Inc., is a backup utility thats both powerful and secure. You can password protect against unauthorized access and encrypt your data. Backups can be scheduled for different times and the program runs very well in the background. It backups up to CD or DVD, utilizes compression to save space, and keeps detailed logs of what it does. And yet, with all the things it provides, the program is still very intuitive and easy-to-use! I've evaluated a number of backup utilities, and for my money WinBackup is one of the best I've tried. So, if you've been meaning to backup all of your valuable data, don't waste another minute. Give WinBackup a try -- I think you'll be impressed!
That brings us to a close for this week. I really hope you enjoyed these Picks and I hope you'll take the time to try them out for yourself. Remember, software is always a matter of personal taste. But, over the years, I've found that most people can recognize really good software when they see it. So, be sure to look. And in the meantime I'll be looking at more great software to tell you about. I'll be back next week with more Picks. Until then, have a wonderful week, a great weekend, and happy downloading!

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