Editing images with Paint Shop Pro and a great way to edit text or HTML

Editing images with Paint Shop Pro and using Note Tab Pro great way to edit text or HTML
Published: Jul 20, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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PaintShop Pro X9
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NoteTab Pro 7.2
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Paint Shop Pro, by Corel Corporation won the People's Choice Awards in the Best Graphics Program or Utility category. This is a program I've used since it first came out back in the early 1990's. It's won both the People's Choice Awards and the Shareware Industry Awards multiple times, and with good reason. Over the years the program has changed quite a bit and it's gotten better and better. You can create graphics for your Web pages and Paint Shop Pro gives you lots of tools to make those graphics as fancy as you want. For most people, this is the only graphics editor or paint program you're ever going to need. Create banners, borders and lots more. In this day and age of digital photos, you can also use the program to enhance your pictures. Lighten them, change the contrast, resize them and much more!

Paint Shop Pro is perfect for both home and business use. And it's also relatively easy-to-use and comes with really excellent help. You can use it to convert graphics files from one format to another -- either one-at-a-time or in batches. It's lightning fast too. If you want to get creative Paint Shop Pro comes with over 75 special effects you can apply to your graphics and pictures. It can also do screen captures, let you fiddle with colors, layers, and even put borders and frames around your pictures.

Paint Shop Pro, by Corel Corporation, is a totally impressive graphics program. And I could have dedicated pages talking about all the things you can do with it -- both great and small. It's wonderful for creating images from scratch as well as modifying existing graphics. You can use it to improve your digital pictures, convert your graphics between different formats, and create graphics for the Web. It's one of those programs that everyone should have on their computer and it's easy to see why so many users, like you, voted for it. Take the time to check it out for yourself.

NoteTab Pro, by Fookes Software won the People's Choice Awards in the Best Application category. Here is another program that's a multiple winner -- it's won both the People's Choice Awards and Shareware Industry Awards several times. If you use it, it's easy to see why it's a favorite among users and computer professionals. The program is extremely easy-to-use and very intuitive, and it's simply loaded with features and functions. All the text I write is written in this excellent program, including these picks.

NoteTab Pro gives you all the tools you need to do a great job. It can load large files, do HTML code, spell check what you write, gives you a thesaurus to find new words and more. You can create bookmarks, change cases, create powerful clips, and its tabbed interface lets you have multiple documents open at one time. Right now I have 10 open and they are all accessible with just a mouse click. On top of all that, it has a powerful search function so you can find things, replace text and more. So, if you are looking for a powerful text and HTML editor, this is the best you're going to find! And don't just take my word for it -- it's the choice of software developers and users alike! Well done!

Macro Express, by Insight Software Solutions, Inc. won the People's Choice Award in the Best Vertical Market Program or Utility. This is a powerful and full-featured macro utility that really takes the repetition out of your day. For those who don't know, a macro is generally a recording of keystrokes that can then be played over and over again. Macros can be used to eliminate repetitive text entry from your life by inserting text that you use often, or e-mail signatures or addresses, and more.

You can also use Macro Express to launch programs, connect to network drives, change basic Windows settings, and so much more. You can assign hotkeys so you can initiate a complex series of actions with just one key. The real beauty of it is that once you record an action you don't ever have to manually do that action again. Macro Express can make you more productive and more efficient. Its easy to see why users like you gave it so many votes this year. You owe it to yourself to take a look. You may just find you can simplify your life.

Mozilla Firefox, by The Mozilla Foundation won the People's Choice Awards in the Best Web Enhancement category. This FREE browser is taking the Internet by storm and I can see why users like you voted for it. When it comes to Web browsers, there are a number you can choose from. If you use Windows you have a browser that comes with it, or you can elect to use an alternative. Many people like Mozilla Firefox. For the performance conscious the program is just about perfect. Why? Because it gives you exactly what you need and it's really fast!

Mozilla Firefox is loaded with all the features anyone needs for browsing the Web. It imports your bookmarks from Internet Explorer and makes it easy for you use them. One feature I thought was really cool is the ability to create your own toolbars. Yep, that's right -- just drag and drop. It also support things like AI Roboform by Siber Systems which is great for filling out forms on-line. It also has a full range of configurable options -- like saving passwords, keeping your history, and even viewing source that's color coded! How cool is that? Very!

Mozilla Firefox blocks pop-ups and is very secure. It even shows you when you're on a secure site by changing the address bar color. What I really like is that it's fast. It does everything you'd need it too, plus it has some nice extras. It's a lean, mean browsing machine. It's got built-in Google search and it's an RSS news reader. Check it out for yourself.

AceReader, by StepWare, won the People's Choice Award in the Best Educational Program or Game category. It's an excellent program that can be used by anyone -- children and adults! The program will help you to improve not only your reading speed, but also your comprehension - and that's important. It doesn't do any good to read faster if you can't remember what you've read. AceReader Pro gives you the tools to assess what your reading level is now. Then it provides you with tests and drills to help you improve your reading skills. Reading is so very important that nearly everyone can benefit! And the material is good for grades 1 through 12 as well as adults!

AceReader Pro keeps track of the tests you do and graphs them for you. That means you can easily see where you started and where you are now. Its an excellent way to keep track of your progress. And, not only can it help with the way you read regular material, but it also helps you to read better while online! That can be important if you're doing a lot of online reading! Very slick! Another feature that I like about AceReader Pro is that it's very configurable. You can determine your own hotkeys, pick your own font, select a background color that's right for you and lots more. There are also a number of options and settings that you can configure so the program works the way you want it to. If all this weren't enough, you can even create your own customized drills to work with. Excellent!!

AceReader Pro, by StepWare, Inc., is highly configurable, assesses where you are, and helps you to get where you'd like to be as a reader. It is easy to see why users voted for it, and it's won before! Check it out for yourself.

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    Spyware Doctor, by PC Tools Pty. Ltd. won the People's Choice Award for the Most Votes on Tucows award. That's right, it received more votes than any other program here on Tucows. It's a neat utility that you can use to find and eliminate spyware. Spyware, by definition, consists of a wide range of adware, trojans, activity trackers and more. The problem with spyware is that it isn't detected by your anti-virus software because it's not a virus, but it can be used to track your movements across the Internet, monitor your preferences on various sites and even monitor your keystrokes. Personally, I don't tend to be paranoid, but at the same time I'd prefer to be asked for information and not have it stolen without my knowledge. That's where a program like Spyware Doctor comes in. It can find and remove any spyware on your system.

    The full version of Spyware Doctor has a module called OnGuard that monitors your computer full-time and watches for spyware as it appears on your computer. Where do you get spyware? As an example, just think about your Temporary Internet Files. I've talked with many users who didn't even know that their browser stored files from the Web sites they visit. Theoretically at least, the files in your Internet cache are harmless, designed primarily to make pages load faster. So, if those files are there, how hard do you think it is to drop a tracking cookie on your computer? Not hard at all! That's not the only way to pick up so-called spyware, either. Regardless of the source Spyware Doctor finds it and removes it and keeps it off your computer. Slick! Once again, it is easy to see why so many of you voted for it in this years SIAF People's Choice Awards voting. Check it out for yourself.

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    No Quick Picks this week because of the Dr. File Finder's Picks Roundup! I'll have more Quick Picks for you in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned ...lots of great programs out there.

    Well, that brings us to a close for this week. I hope you enjoyed this Dr. File Finder's Picks Roundup! of SIAF People's Choice Awards winners. ALL of them are excellent products and you owe it to yourself to check them out. I'll be back next week with a continuation of the roundup when I look at some of the Shareware Industry Awards winners. I hope you'll join me then. Until then, have a great week, a wonderful weekend and happy downloading.

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