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Mondo!, the first product from My World Software Inc., brings today's digital technology to yesterday's traditions - journaling, family photo albums and scrapbooking. With Mondo! E-Journal software you can keep an electronic journal of the events and memories that are important.
Published: Aug 2, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Download Mondo! E-Journal from Tucows NOW!Mondo!, the first product from My World Software Inc., brings today's digital technology to yesterday's traditions - journaling, family photo albums and scrapbooking. With Mondo! E-Journal software you can keep an electronic journal of the events and memories that are important.Mondo! simplifies importing and combining digital images with text. Images can readily be moved, resized and even framed, while the text adjusts and wraps accordingly. Add sound and video clips and you can create multimedia journals. Save journal pages as HTML files and they can be e-mailed to friends or posted to the family Web site.

Mondo! appeals to the young and not so young who appreciate easy to use software with lots of features. The graphics are bold, colorful and easy to understand.

For children over the age of eight or nine, Mondo! encourages creativity and organization while providing them with an opportunity to improve their computing skills, learn composition, layout, graphic design and working with images. Many educators encourage children to keep a journal. In fact, in many schools it is part of the curriculum. Parents like the fact that Mondo! resides on the computer and their children need not go online to have hours of enjoyment. Children love the password protection to keep their journal safe from prying eyes!

Mondo! is more than a photo album or scrapbook because it provides families an effective way to use digital images and not just file them. Mom can prepare an illustrated holiday letter, children can create rich illustrated homework assignments and everyone can work together to document a vacation trip. They can have multiple journals, all password protected - one for each member of the family.

There are so many ways to use and enjoy Mondo! beyond keeping a personal journal or diary. Get more enjoyment out of hobbies by using an e-journal to record important information. Collectors can enter the date of a new acquisition, with a description of the item and the price paid, and combine it with a digital image. If you enjoy wine, use Mondo! to keep a journal recording information on a wine's vintage, origin, price, your rating and taste impressions. Add a digital image of the label on the bottle to make your journal more visually appealing. You can file your records by wine type or country of origin.

Homeowners can use Mondo! to good advantage for compiling an illustrated inventory of valuable family possessions with prices paid and dates. Great for insurance purposes.

Gardeners can keep track of the multitude of data involved in planting and maintaining a beautiful garden. Divide Mondo! into topics and entries that correspond to the different plants in your garden. Include pictures of your plants at various stages of growth and record important information regarding planting, watering, pruning and soil preferences. Use the built-in calendar to remind yourself of important dates for feeding and pruning.

Families can create much more than a family tree. Older members of the family can create a marvelous gift for younger generations. Create collections of first hand memories of contemporaries, other family members, illustrated with pictures. Add voice commentary and you have a journal that will be treasured for many years to come. Seniors, often new to computing, will find Mondo! easy to use and may find a new hobby in it. Mondo! E-Journal is software for the whole family!

Educators will be interested to know that Mondo! is a facilitative tool that offers youngsters a way to create multimedia projects either individually or in groups. Teachers will have many uses for Mondo! in cooperative learning projects. A group of students might be given the task of creating a digital report on a foreign country or culture. They can be given individual tasks and can combine text, images, digitized maps and possibly sound and video. The report can be shared with others in the form of a presentation or a document.

Download Mondo! E-Journal from Tucows NOW!
About The Author...Prior to founding My World Software Inc in 2003, George Moore was General Manager of a photographic equipment manufacturer in Minneapolis and had held prior positions in sales and marketing. While the conversion to digital photography occurred relatively slowly in the "people picture" side of the professional field, it became obvious that digital cameras were quickly gaining market share with consumers of all ages. Further, the digital camera quickly passed through the "Dad's gadget" phase into the field dominated by mom - recording and saving family memories.Watching a group of seniors in an airport waiting lounge comparing their digital cameras and seeing first hand the comfort level his grandchildren had with computers he became interested in developing software that would appeal to families and offer a way to use digital images and not just file them.Moore recruited some former employees and associates to develop the software while he focused on project management, sales and marketing.Moore lives in Connecticut with his wife. Three children, their spouses and seven grandchildren are nearby for market research.

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