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Using WinFlash Educator you can maximize the effectiveness ofstudy time spent on any subject!
Published: Oct 4, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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WinFlash Educator 10.00.03
Download Award-winning flashcard study and testing system that allows you to create reusable...

Using WinFlash Educator you can maximize the effectiveness ofstudy time spent on any subject!

Are you an airline pilot looking for the most time-efficient way toprepare for periodic re-certifications, a high school student hoping fora quicker way to master Spanish or perhaps a first-grader needing helpwith spelling words? Whatever your learning mission, Educator'selectronic flashcards are key to reaching your goals.

Educator's adjustable algorithms let you optimize the program for boththe subject material and your own preferential learning style. Thesealgorithms help you focus your efforts on studying material you haven'tyet mastered while minimizing the still necessary review of already-retained facts.

Convert unproductive time into valuable study time. Using Educator'sexport capabilities you can be using your PocketPC or iPod to studyduring those normally idle periods spent waiting in line, commuting towork or school and other time-consuming activities. Educator can alsoprint classic two-sided flashcards in a variety of formats.

Educator helps you reduce the tedium of memory-intensive study byoffering a variety of different study modes and boredom-fightingfeatures, including Cheers and Jeers, speed testing, Q and A reversal and manyothers.

WinFlash Educator Key Features:

  • Create study decks from scratch with QuickDeck
  • Easily import existing study materials in many formats
  • Export study decks to your Palm or PocketPC for on-the-go study
  • Print your decks as 'classic' two-sided flashcards
  • Export decks to your iPod as MP3 files


WinFlash Educator runs under Windows XP/2000/Me/98/NT4/95, costsjust $39.95 (US) and can be ordered from Open Window Software's site athttp://www.openwindow.com.


WinFlash Educator's award-winning capabilities can help YOUsuccessfully master your studies in the least amount of time possiblewhile injecting variety and fun into the process!

About The Author...

Dick Bryant is the owner of Open Window Software, which createsEducational Software products for individuals, corporations andinstitutions. The company offers WinFlash Scholar, WinFlash Basic,WinFlash Basic Server, WinFlash Publisher and WinFlash Administrator inaddition to its WinFlash Educator product.

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