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Form Pilot Home lets you work with forms on your computer in all forms and fashions.
Published: Oct 11, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Forms and processing
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Form Pilot Home 2.10
Download Fill in paper forms of any type on your computer. A cartoon character will lead you...

A commonplace situation: you need to fill out a hard copy form. That is why you still have an old typewriter in your office.

Why don't we clear a space on the desktop and make a typewriter out of your computer? Form Pilot Home will help you to manage it. Simply open your form on the screen, and fill in the fields. You can use fonts of different size and colors. You can rotate text, insert pictures, check marks, lines and geometrical figures.

Do you want to fill a preprinted form, or to print an entire form on a blank paper? With Form Pilot Home, you can do both. You can enhance the outlook of the form itself by removing color casts. Or, you can erase unnecessary fields. After you have completed your form input, you can save it to your hard drive or floppy disk safely, or print it out for mailing.

Form Pilot Home is ideal for home use. If you work in an office and need to work with a large quantity of documents, Form Pilot Pro will help you. It lets you fill a large amount of similar forms just by pressing one button. If you need to fill out PDF or any other electronic form, Form Pilot Office can do that.

Form Pilot Home works under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP platforms. It costs $29.99 for a single-user license. Quantity discounts are available. Product page: http://www.colorpilot.com/typewriter.html

About The Author...

Two Pilots has created and continues to develop a number of products in the following areas: color correction of digital images, filling out of paper and electronic forms, document converters and other products. Find out more at http://www.colorpilot.com

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