Zaep is a powerful program for dealing with junk email. Read why it's become one of Doc's "Favorites."
Published: Oct 24, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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A Dr. File Finder Favorite -- Zaep

Zaep, by RhinoSoft.Com is a program that deals with SPAM, which is the Internet term for junk email. The program utilizes what's known as a "challenge-response" system. What's that? Well, the first thing you have to realize is that basically all the spam you get is sent by software programs. Yes, people program the software and gather the email addresses, but they use bulk-emailing software to send out millions of emails. And that's where Zaep comes in. When someone not known to you sends you an email Zaep sends an email back. That's the challenge. The email tells then that you've implemented this system and that they can either go to a URL (universal resource locator) or respond to the email. The catch is that since nearly all spam is sent by robotic software, there's not going to be any response to the challenge. And all of this takes place without your intervention. Sweet!

Zaep works in the background and keeps trying to contact those that have sent you email. After a certain period of time with no responses, it deletes the original email and adds that address to the "Black List." If a real person writes, all they have to do is respond to the challenge the program sends and they'll never have to do that again. They get added to your "White List". You can also add all of the people in your address book to the white list and those people will never even see a challenge. There's also a database you can add to that contains subject words. So, for example, if I want to receive any email that has Tucows in the subject, I can just add it to the subject list and never think about it again. Really slick.

Since I started using Zaep, 22 days ago, I haven't gotten any spam. I haven't missed any emails I wanted to get and Zaep has deleted thousands of junk emails with no intervention from me. That's a huge savings in time. I get a lot of spam, in part because I have a number of email addresses and I've been online a long time. Many of the other anti-spam programs I tried were good, but most required that I manually approve emails, or put thing on the black list. I found that I was spending about two hours a day just dealing with spam. Not anymore! Zaep has worked so well for me and I'm so pleased with it that I've added my wifes email address and a few more of mine to the Zaep account list.

Zaep is relatively easy-to-use and the company, RhinoSoft.Com , has excellent technical support. They also have an impressive array of online help that will answer your questions. Zaep comes in two versions - a "Standard" version which is more for personal use and also a "Professional" version that can be used to eliminate the spam on multiple email addresses. Perfect for a business. I'm so impressed by Zaep that it's not only a Pick, but it's a Dr. File Finder Favorite and there aren't very many of those. So, if you have a problem with SPAM you might want to consider giving Zaep a try. It has my highest recommendation -- Well done!

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