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MailBell Email Notification is a powerful tool for monitoring all kinds of e-mail accounts. Take a look.
Published: Oct 30, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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MailBell Email Notification 2.27
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A Dr. File Finder Favorite -- MailBell Email Notification

MailBell Email Notification, by EmTec is ahandy utility that notifies you when email comes in. the beauty of it isthat it works with all of the most common types of email. This includesPOP3, MAPI, IMAP, and even Web-based systems like Hotmail. I'veevaluated many email notification programs and many of those don't haveas many features as MailBell. Right from the moment I installed it Icould tell I was going to like this program. And I'll tell you why.

MailBell Email Notification has a variety of ways to notify youwhen mail comes in, but it's smart enough not to get inyour way. I hate when a program pops up and knocks me out of a programI'm working in. MailBell doesn't do that. I loved that fact that when itnotified me of incoming mail it left me alone. It did the job and that'swhat I want. I have multiple email accounts and I don't have time towaste. MailBell lets me preview incoming messages so i can act on themif I want. It lets me delete messages and it even lets me monitormultiple email accounts. It sits quietly in my system tray and pops upwhen email comes in. For testing I configured 3 accounts and I assigneda different color to each account. So, without even looking I could tellif I had an email in my SIAF account just by the color of the emailnotification. Now that is slick!

MailBell Email Notification does other things that similarproducts don't do. For one it can work across a Local Area Network, orLAN. Many email notification programs can't. If you're on a dial-upconnection it can tell when you're online, and if you're online all thetime, like me, the program knows it. When mail comes in it's separatedby account. So, if I highlight the account Doc in the top window,it shows me only the messages for that account in the bottom window. Ican have the program play a sound or even start my email program. I cantell it how often to check each account. Every 10 minutes, every 60,however often I want. The program gives you configurable options so youcan make it work the way you want and I always like that in anyprogram.

MailBell Email Notification still has more to offer. It helps youin the fight against SPAM or junk email.How? By letting you"flag" certain people and subjects as "good" and other people andsubjects as "bad". It learns from you and grades your incoming email.The email you get that contains banned words will be marked as such.Another cool feature is that you can delete things off your email serverwithout ever downloading it to your email program. I've used it todelete some emails with very large attachments that were sent to me. Useit to delete junk, mark messages for later deletion, and more.

MailBell Email Notification is beautifully done. It's designed todo a job and it does it very well. No, it doesn't put spinning graphicson your screen, but it lets you know you have new email without goofingup your typing. It deals with a wide range of email servers, includingWeb-based sites. It can handle secure email sites. It has lots ofconfigurable options, and it sits in your tray just waiting to work.It'll launch your email program, play you a sound, and pop up eachaccount in a different color. It works on LANs, it works with dial-up,it just works! So, for all the reasons I've mentioned, and more,it's not only a Pick, but I'm making it a Dr. FileFinder Favorite and in 23 years of evaluating software therearen't very many of those. This is one program that I'm going to buymultiple copies of, because I'll want it on all my computers. And it'sone program that I suggest you try first if you're looking foremail notification. I've tried all of them, and this is the bestand most carefully thought out I've found. Try it -- it has my highestrecommendation.

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